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Ability to Reply Turned Off

I see the ability to reply to one of the threads has been turned off. I am not trying to reopen the discussion but want to express my disappointment that no reason was given. The subject has the ability to be controversial because of a combination of flawed research, alternative unsubstantiated advice and manipulated statistics by both sides. This could be good enough reason to block further response's but pleased say why!

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Can you remember and have you tried to find whoever created the post in question?

If you can remember who it was, I think you just have to click on their profile, then all their post come up.

I may be wrong, but I think you can make a later contribution from there on that indervigual's page.

Good luck on investigations.

Also, you could bring the subject in question up again as a new article. Take care now, Jo 😊


Hi Michael,

Not sure why it was closed to new posts. The jury is out as far as that argument is concerned, not enough research to opine for sure

I have an internal 'ignore that' button though I will sometimes ignore my ignore button if I feel I need to.


Was it the Statins question? Wen I did the Daniel plan dr oz said that a lot of statins and heart surgery could be prevented but ppl don’t change so doctors have to give statins and heart surgery even tho they try to get ppl to trust fink their lifestyle. I did the Daniel plan because even though I was born with a heart condition I’ve also caused heart surgery last I’ve been told I could have avoided so the person had a point that some ppl could change their life lifestyle, me included but then I once heard a Preacher say that he’s also preaching to himself.


Can't really comment but I presume the site has moderators to help prevent incorrect posts dealing with serious matters ??

I always accept that posts are only peoples opinions and are not specific medical advice, and one thing I have learnt about Opinions is that someone else always has a Different One !!!


Frank W


Hi MichaelJH

We paused replies on the thread as it’s quite often a controversial topic and as admins we would have preferred to keep an eye on the post if things were to escalate at any point during the evening. We don’t want to restrict anyone from discussing their thoughts openly so replies are now switched back on. Going forward we’ll notify the community if for any reason replies are switched off and explain our reasoning for this. Thanks!

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That sounds very reasonable.

Regards Frank W


Thank you for the response. It is one of those areas with no right answer IMHO!


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