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Hiccup in recovery! 😮

Thought I was doing reasonably well with my recovery after open heart surgery until yesterday.

Woke in early hours of yesterday to my heart ♥ doing 150+and missing plenty of beats. (very worrying after major surgery)

Paramedics were called by son(student Paramedic) and wife

Taken to hospital and CCU With tachacardia and going into AF.

Hopefully they can sort so I can continue with recovery!!! 😲

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Hi BigT2013

Sorry to hear you’ve had a set back. I had the same thing happen at 2 weeks post op. I had a chemical Cardioversion where they loaded me with Amiodarone intravenously. I went straight back to normal heart rate and didn’t need the shock treatment planned. Thankfully for me after 6 weeks of tablet Amiodarone and Warfarin it settled and has not reappeared. I get the odd flutter but nothing compared to that awful AF.

I was told it’s a common side effect of such invasive surgery.

Good luck hope they get you sorted quickly and back home with your family .


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I had two episodes of AF before I left hospital. The first I knew nothing about as I was still in surgery so was told about later. The 2nd was 2 days post surgery. My heart rate raced up to 150 plus (170 max if I recall correctly now). I was given Amiodarone immediately and put on a course of potassium (you drink it and there are better tasting drinks!) for a few days. It was transient but scary as hell at the time. I learnt later that it is actually quite common to get AF after heart surgery - not that that is in itself particularly reassuring. Fingers crossed you'll be fine and as you say, this is just a little hiccup.

Fingers crossed



While i was waiting to be discharged post Bypass I suffered AF. they put me on Amiodarone which seemed to do the trick. They later took me off it as I was reacting to the sun but the AF didn't return. as the others have said, I think it is a common occurrence after surgery.

hope all goes well



I’ve been in a different situation where ive had recovery issues.


Hi there I hope you're feeling better today and have managed to do a little more than yesterday..keep positive and I look forwards to reading more of your posts.


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