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Employment Support Allowance having to fight for it

Im struggling, I should have had bypass surgery this Monday coming but developed an abscess in my tooth so had tooth extraction, so surgery put back for 2 weeks. I have been on ESA for years for disability but i was in the work group, i am having to fight to be put in the support group, I have sent them my discharge notes from being admitted to hospital for a week before Christmas that is when i found out about my heart, but those notes are not good enough, even though it states on those notes that i would shortly be having bypass surgery and 2 stents but they wont accept those, im now receiving appointments again from the work group to update my cv, and look for a job, i was working for a charity working in shop 4 days per week as keyholder (which wasn't good enough for the ESA) which i have been told not to do anymore until i am fit, the hospital told me not to attend the work interviews as they stress me out but ESA will not accept all that, they are even making me go for another assessment from what i have been told on the phone this afternoon, I have now to sit and wait for an appointment. This is stupid, if they make me go for an assessment what are they going to see, is the everyday me but not what is wrong with my heart, all this money wasted to do this and its the government that is wasting it its stupid and i dont want to fight all this anymore.

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Been there, was put on jsa for a while while my esa appell sat on a desk not being looked at for months.


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