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Haven’t had any support please help


Hi I had a heart attack 6 weeks ago and a stent fitted.

When I was discharged I was told that someone would be in touch the following week but I never heard anything.

I have just seen my cardiologist today he has said I am being discharged there was no mention of cardiac rehab which I thought would be discussed at my appointment.

I felt as though he couldn’t get me out the door quick enough.

I mentioned I’m getting pain but in my throat and my bottom teeth are very painful he said go to dentist.

I don’t feel as though I have had any support since leaving hospital.

I asked about going back to work and he said to go back on reduced hours.

When I was in hospital they gave me a 12 week sick note I’m on week 6 now I have been discharged so do I have to go straight back to work or can I have another week or so off as I don’t feel ready yet.

Look forward to any reply.


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Cardio rehab nurse came round while I was in hospital then rang me to arrange going you should see if you can find a number for your local group or maybe ask doctor or ring the hospital that's where my cardio rehab is based. 6 weeks sounds a bit early to go back to work maybe you could ask doctor

Hi Lynn

I had my attack two weeks ago today. Got my angiogram last Friday. Today I received my letter and my rehab starts on the 18th October so 5 weeks after my attack.

Old saying is "the noisiest wheel receives the most attention" !!! :) Start making some noise (but nicely!) at your local doctor/hospital/etc.


I went through the same thing as you describe. No one contacted me about rehab.

I asked my GP who ungraciously searched his chaotic desk for several minutes before scribbling a Dover telephone number on a scrap of paper for me. The number was unobtainable.

After a couple of weeks passed I got a call out of the blue from a clinic in my home town of Folkestone. "Oh, you do seem to have slipped through the net" she said. She tried blaming the London hospital that did my surgery. So I visited the clinic, they asked me to organise a blood test either at my GPs or a local walk in hospital.

Back to the doctors to be told that the practice nurse usually did them but could I come back next week as she was on holiday! I'm glad to say that the walk-in got me sorted quickly.

Eventually I attended my first rehab session. "We need a blood test" they said. "Please look in your notes" said I. "Oh, we already have the results" she said triumphantly. I smiled pleasantly and resisted expressing my thoughts.

I think you get the picture Lynn and I sympathise when you say you feel you've had no support since leaving the hospital.

I think what is supposed to happen is the ward clerk at the hospital sends discharge information to your GP and also the people who do the rehab. If I were you I'd be putting the pressure directly on your local GPs surgery, but telephoning the clerk on your hospital ward would probably achieve the same thing.

Go and rattle a few cages! The rehab classes are well worth doing. Let us all know how you get on.

EDIT: I'm no expert, but I agree with the others - 6 weeks doesn't sound like enough time off work.


Thank you

The cardiologist said I could go back on reduced hours today but I’m not convinced will ring ward tmrw as my gp is useless.

I would get in touch we the cardio rehab team, we had our appointment within a few dayz, we also had an appointment with the cardiac nurse who'd explained what had happened, all the tablets, what to expext, avoid and how to improve lifestyle and a much needed shoulder to cry on.

You have been discharged by the consultant meaning that he no longer wants to see you. You are still unfit for work for at least another six weeks. When your sick note runs out go to your GP and get signed off again if you don't feel well. Ring your Heart nurse or your GP for details of your Rehab course.

Good luck.


Hi Lynn - If the hospital gave you a sick note for 12 weeks then 12 weeks it is. If you feel you need more, then go to your family doctor. I would contact the Cardio Rehab Department (in the phone book within the hospital details you went to.and tell them you have fallen through the net since it is USUAL to arrange this before your op. I would say the reply from the specialist was inappropriate and depending how you feel about it, I would discuss the matter with his/her head of department. Hope you get better son

I had a cardiac arrest in June and went back to work after 7 weeks on reduced hours (the company has been very good) but it was too soon and I had another two weeks. I was contacted by the cardio rehab team in Leicester early August and had an appointment late August. There is a local facility (not sure if it is national) called activate your heart which is a rehab programme you can do on line , which works better for me. However it was not until early September (after prompting by the nice rehab nurse) that I got to see a consultant for my follow-up) because I had been lost in the system. I now have an angiogram scheduled for late October. The local cardiac team have been brilliant.

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Have spoken to the ward I was on the can’t find my notes.

Have been given a number for the cardiologist secretary but no answer.

The ward said I can ask for another appointment to see the cardiologist if I’m not happy.

Am going to speak to GP today in a call back.

Dear Lynn,

Poor you, really feel for you! Take the full 12 weeks on your sickness certificate , and don’t go back until you feel confident and have had some re-hab. You can always do a planned return to work when you are ready , on reduced hours! Most important thing is to feel well again and get your strength back, but by bit.We are all different , and recover at different rates, don’t be bullied into going back before you are ready though.Hope that you can get this sorted soon, as sounds like you have totally fallen through the net! Looks like you have lots of good advice here. The British Heart Foundation helpline is brilliant too. God luck with your recovery!

Dear Lynn. I do feel for you! It's bad enough having to deal with all that's happened to you without having to fight against the system which isn't supporting you. Sorry I can't offer more practical support but thinking of you!

Yeah have found the cardiac rehab team number online and have called them they will look for my details and call me back.

Have also go a GP calling me back as no appointments today as normal.

Hi just an update cardiac nurse called I had slipped through the net.

I have got an appointment on Monday to see her.

I said I felt like I had nobody to talk to.

She also said I’m stay stay off work for the full 12 weeks as that is what is recommended but if I want to back early I have to have a note form my GP.

Thank you for all the support I have had from this message board. 🙂

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So glad your getting somewhere now Lynn been in same position see cardiologist next week for follow up appointment but it’s been 5 month since heart attack and stents fitted like you had to fight for every appointment hope rehab nurses help you.

Hi Lynn

I don't suppose that you have missed much....Unless you really want to talk about it you are probably better using your own inner strength just getting on with life.

Take care

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