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Blood clots

Morning,Can anyone help?

Under investigation regard eptopic beats but last Friday went to a&e really bad chest pain but it was different to pain I get with my heart after several test and scans found I have a shadow and blood clots on my lungs so now under investigation with them to 😒 my question is can my heart problems be the cause of my blood clots ??

Thanks for taking time to read xx

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Hello there - sorry to hear about your trip to A&E and I hope you're feeling better now. Simply put - the heart and lungs work very closely together and they're connected by major arteries and veins in your body. An issue with one can often lead to issues with the other - so for example some people have chest pain when they have blood clots in their lungs, and some people with angina experience breathlessness rather than chest pain.

I hope this helps,



My nephew has a condition known as pulmonary hypertension and had to have a large number of clots from his lungs removed. Listen to your doctors and take their advice they are the experts and I am sure they will get to the bottom of your problem as the other member states hearts and lungs are very closely related. Good luck


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