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Which equipment to buy to check on heart?

Am having serious symptoms, quite extreme, which the doctors are not taking seriously.

On the advise given on this forum, it was suggested buying a handheld ecg and/ or a vascular Doppler with ultrasound probe, might be a good way of gaining evidence for serious heart disease needing emergency action.

Can anyone advice me on these two equipments? Thinking I might need a pace maker. Which equipment would be best at indicating this can someone tell me?

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Trust ur cardiologist

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Sure. Okay.


If you went privately an ECG would be £100 upwards. However, if your GP or a cardiologist has done one you are unlikely to learn anything new. Be particularly aware of buying equipment off the web. A friend brought a cholesterol test kit and it gave a level of over 11. When it was checked properly it was raised but only to 6.3


Thanks for that correction. Ill bear that in mind when I'm checking out such gadgets..


I used a home blood pressure cuff which cost about £15 my blood pressure was fine but it also recorded my pulse which I noticed was very low on occasions. Whilst this did get me referred to a cardiologist and eventually two years on got low enough to diagnose sick sinus syndrome I have just had a pacemaker fitted. I would not however recommend buying anything as I became obsessed with checking my pulse and it really for silly. Just try and trust doctors it is easier. Good luck


Great advise. Very much noted and taken in. Thanks for that..


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