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Iregular, regular Heartbeat

I am told I have a regular, but irregular heartbeat and also a resting heartbeat of 48 bpm. My Doctor doesn't seem concerned about these things.

However, a friend of similar age and weight, who like me walks around 4.5 / 5.0 miles per day, has recently had a Pacemaker fitted because in a pre-op examination the Anaesthetist said his low resting heart rate, which was slightly higher than mine. needed to be higher so he was sure he could bring him out of anaesthesia after the operation. My doctor didn't comment when I told him this in relation to my low resting heartbeat.

I am somewhat confused.

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Hi Alsgal,

Welcome to the forum, I guess having lower resting HB is not necessary a concern, my RHB usually in middle to lower 40s and I also have funny heart beat thrown in every now and then.

I am unsure comparing your conditions with someone would be helpful, I guess we all tends to have different conditions so if your doc is not concerned and you are not experiencing any problem then I would not pay much attention to elsewhere!

Hope above helps.


Many thanks for your input to the topic


I have a pacemaker 4 this issue as well.

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