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Advice needed as all this has given me a shock to how bad things can get

Hi folks Chris here from the uk recently diagnosed with

Coronary Artery disease

obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

type 2 diabetes

(PFO) Hole in the heart

Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease

Sliding hiatus hernia


Anxiety / depression / ptsd / ocd

between 2013 and now 3rd jan 2018 so i was wondering if anybody else has this list of health issues and if so some advice would be good.

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Sorry I cant give you much advice, but I have recently been diagnosed with a Mitral heart valve leak and angina, prior to that I have been jogging along with

Adrenal insufficiency,

Giant Cell Arteritis,


Gall stones

Diverticula of the bowel


Hiatus hernia


stage 3 kidney disease

Cancerous growth on the side of the face, [ now removed ]

And over the Christmas I had a chest infection.

No wonder I have mild depression !!

It's a good job I have a sense of humour.

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Without appearing to be rude may I ask your BMI? A number of your issues are often related to weight. Someone I know had their symptoms of Type II, sleep apena and reflux all but disappear after losing 7 stone - they were 21.


I don't know my BMI

I am female of 73yrs. I am 5 ft. 7inches tall and weigh 9 stone 7 lbs If that helps.

I also spent a night in Papworth hospital for a sleep test, [ my husband said I stopped breathing at night ] the outcome was, that I took one hour to get to sleep, and I had 28 sleep apnoea's per hour but very, very SHORT ones so I was still getting enough oxygen to the brain, therefore no treatment necessary, but to be referred back to Papworth if I get any worse.



BMI (Body mass index)

If you go to your GP's surgery and ask for a token you can get it printed on a slip @ the time of weighing yourself. Or if you go to the ladies room in the shopping centres they also have the scale's to weigh yourself it's what I tend to a lot if only trying to avoid my doctor's. Or if you have access to Google type in BMI and it will give you a chart to look up sorry I can't be of anymore help to you.


Your BMI is the product of your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters twice (i.e. height ^ 2). Yours comes out at 20.8 which is just inside the normal range, 20 - 25. Under 20 is classed as underweight, over 25 as overweight, over 30 as obese and over 35/40 (there is some disagreement on this) as morbidly obese. if you have never been seriously obese then you have definitely been unlikely. If you were diagnosed Type II and were quite slim at the time you may actually be Type 1.5. A friend of 6 foot and 12 stone was diagnosed Type II but did not respond to metformin. After much pushing he got his GP to refer him to a consultant where he was found to be Type 1.5. After five years of insulin treatment he, at 70, is quite fit and visits the gym a few times a week. At 14 stone 7 lbs I am just overweight - I will let you do the arithmetic!

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I knew by my weight that I wasn't obese, however just looked at my last surgery check up, and my BMI was 20.3 Luckily I have never been Fat, although I did put on extra weight when on a higher dose of steroids due to my adrenals, Thankfully I am not diabetic.


OP hasn't responded which was the reason for my first query because of the sleep apnea, Type II diabetes and hernia. Someone locally has all these issues and their BMI is over 50!


My list is quite different as it is mainly congenital. It can be seen below. But my advice think about the ones you can control and by controlling have the greatest impact on improving your quality of life. Tackling all at ounce is overwhelming. I would suggest seeing if you could improve your type 2 diabetes control start here. As it will have a knock on effect on managing your coronary artery disease. Many of the changes involved in this are known to affect depression positively in most people.

So the way it works for me is that my ACE stoma is the big problem. If I do not irrigate it I get very consitpated. This puts me off my food. By not eating as much to avoid constipation I get tired from lack of energy. This compounds my heart disease tiredness. Then I fall sleep either before cooking food or use convince food. The aggravates my depression as I feel rubbish for eating rubbish. Ending up in a viscous cycle. So I know for sure tackling that one thing is the most important for me. Everything else can wait till I have got an irrigation habit.

Repaired Tetralogy

Hypo plastic left pulmonary artery

Dilated right ventricle

Bovine Pulmonary Valve Replacement

Regular PVC's

Congenital Strabismus

Severe Amblyopia (same eye as strabismus)

Partial Sacral Agenisis

Secondary scoliosis

Mild Radial Dysplasia

Second degree hypoplastic thumb

Corrected Annular Pancreas (like pancreas is still circular but a food bypass has been inserted)

Corrected Duodenal Artresia

Hirschrung's Disease

Corrected Anal Atresia

Malone ACE Stoma

Endometriosis ( Suspected based on history of confirmed endrometroma'ss test to confirm to risky due to number of previous anaesthetics)



Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome


i think reading all the other peoples health problems mine are nothing mine all started in 2011 when i had a nervous breakdown with strong ptsd / ocd / depression anxiety symptoms then within 3 months i contracted ecoli food poisoning then within 8 months i got type 2 diabetes then within another 6 months i got I.B.S then 2013 heart disease then in 2016 obstructive sleep apnea syndrome the last 11 months the Coronary artery disease, gastric oesophagas reflux disease & hiatus hernia i don't eat many full meals as feeling fatigued all the time i go swimming every other day and walk as much as i can when the lower spine L4 - L5 & L5 - S1 let me so i just thought i would see how many others were having trouble and what there doing about it and to make things harder i get a lot of pains in my joints and i am only 50 yrs old always worked since leaving school until last January i had to pack work in all together so if you can make heads or tails of the above give me a nudge oh and happy new year to everybody.


I also have heart disease and diabetes and been told they are both linked to high cholesterol.


I'm the same, don't worry about it just get on with your life.


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