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NYE and Celebrating with a cold!

Hi All

Quick question, is it ok to go to friends for gentle NYE dinner if I have a bad cold? (Accepting that no-one wants to catch a cold but that most people seem to have had a cold this winter)

I know I can’t take any decongestants so I am just taking paracetamol.

I don’t want a cold turning nasty and I have had flu and pneumonia jabs. I have heart disease in LAD and PAD. Usual meds’ in place.

How cautious should I be?

Wishing all a healthy and happy 2018.


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Hi Sara - sorry that no one got back to you on this one. From a personal health point of view attending things like this when you're ill is a judgment call...I personally plan an escape route ahead of time just in case!

Happy new year, hope you enjoyed it and that you weren't too poorly,


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