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Long Haul Flight Ahead

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any tips for traveling overseas on a long haul flight? I’m facing a 13 hour flight to Malaysia in a few days with the wife and kids - the first of its kind since my heart attack back in May. I’ve got my travel insurance sorted but any advice about carrying meds through airports and dealing with the stress of the travel would be appreciated.



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Hi David, put them in a clear plastic bag and in your hand luggage for easy access.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine on the flight as this will dehydrate you. Try and take a walk every few hours, helps wuth circulation and take or buy a neck cushion so you can get some sleep.

Fabulous place Malaysia, I am very jealous enjoy your trip


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Thanks Mark, my wife is from Borneo and yes it is a great place though it’s hospital staff have a habit of killing patients - like when they allowed my appendix to rupture a few years ago then stitched it up even though it was gangrene infected! So hence my apprehension! Lol

Thanks for the tips... I gave up caffeine ages ago - that’s a no brainer post HA.

I’m taking two lots of prescriptions as we are going for 4 weeks (you’re probably thinking ‘lucky so n so’ but I can’t help think that it’s just longer for something to go wrong :( Do you think I should keep half of my meds in my suitcase or all in the plastic bag?

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Oh my, thats not a great advert for care there is it.

With my experiences of lost baggage I'd go half and half. Four weeks, wow envy is even worse now. I'll have to revisit soon, a fascinating place, I was born there as my father was in the army stationed there, last went 7 years ago. Have a long trip planned year after next, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia

Have a great trip, photos please!

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I will be doing a not dissimilar trip in mid- January - about 3 months post CABG. So this is what I will be doing!

Keep all your meds in your hand baggage. Have those that you will need to take during the flight handy in a separate container (just makes life a little easier). Keep your meds in the original boxes with the prescription label in place (its much easier to say they are your meds if the labels back that up).

Wear compression socks/stockings for the duration of the flight - even if you are first/business class. If you are not on aspirin, and you are allowed to take it, take one low dose aspirin per day for a few days before travel and for a few days afterwards (if in any doubt, talk to your GP). Drink lots of water. When allowed, get up and walk about as often as you can. Avoid sitting for long periods (one movie max then get up). Do some stretches if you can find somewhere. Avoid salty foods (crisps, salted nuts and the like). Minimise your alcohol intake (a glass of wine/beer with dinner for example (and none before boarding!)). Relax as much as you can and do not get wound up by the 'joys' of the airport (customs and security etc. - its just part of flying!) and drink more water! Try and get some sleep on the flight (preferably without the aid of drugs).

Enjoy your flight and holiday


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Thanks Steve... I’ll be doing all of that. Got three young kids in tow so not sure how much sleep I’m going to get! Lol ... though it is a night flight so fingers crossed.

I’ve also got a letter from my GP with a description of my condition and meds I’m on. I suffer from SVT so hoping it doesn’t happen at an inconvenient time... like going through customs or waiting to board.


I'd second the stockings. They need to fit properly, some of the ones sold as flight socks are not tight enough.

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