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Will I reach acceptance??

After attending my Gp surgery for several months with breathlessness and tiredness ,I was referred to a supposedly fast track cardiac clinic with a wait of 4weeks.Whilst waiting I had a massive heart attack and underwent an Emergency triple bypass.As you can imagine it was a massive shock,prio to this I was swimming three times a week doing yoga and working as a health professional.I know I am lucky to be here but after the euphoria of surviving and physically doing well I feel so low am tearful and wonder how I am going to get through.It feels very lonely now ,the visitors have all gone , my family returning to normal life ,how do I move on .

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Just take one step at a time n go with flow n chill more 👍👍👍👍

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It seems that the waiting time to see a cardiologist is getting worse, however I was fast tracked and was told it should be a wait of only 2 weeks and I was seen within that time, BUT it was the tests that took the time and I am still waiting for an angiogram 4 months on, I have had other tests done but they were all a waiting time, this fast tracking isn't as good as it sounds, even if seeing a cardiologist who orders the tests, we still have to wait months for the tests. I'm so sorry it was a bit late for you and you had the heart attack.

I have been diagnosed with a moderate to sever mitral heart valve leak and angina and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be too long before I get an appointment for an angiogram. I despair with the NHS .

Please take it easy, and see your GP if your feeling low doesn't get any better, and having friends family to talk to also helps, and of course this site is good for letting off how you feel so feel free.

Take care



Thankyou for your reply, I almost feel that the health service I have worked for for 30yrs let me down .However the Emergency Care was amazing .Hope you get your angiogram soon,and the treatment you need .x


It’s boring but true that it really is one step at a time and trying each day to find a small thing to be positive about. Don’t under estimate the importance especially to your family and friends if you still being around and if you need to vent or talk to people who understand then this site def helps.


Hi CSNP, what you are feeling is something a lot of us go through so you're not alone. You recognise the symptoms so now it's time to do something about it. Go see your GP please let the professionals help, I too suffered but waited far too long and one year in have just started some therapy. Talking on here helps, as I said there are a lot of us here who recognise what you are going through.

Hope that helps, even a little

Good luck Mark


Hi ,:-)

I know how you feel , I am 3 months post triple bypass .

I wasn’t ill , I was on my way to the lakes for a holiday , got to Blackburn , and my life changed dramatically! I had a heart attack , shock horror etc !

I had the surgery and everything went well , but all I did for the first 8 weeks was cry , I thought I would be back to normal within 6 weeks .

I am just starting to feel better now , it’s been 14 weeks !

I know Im lucky to be alive :-)) really do !

But no amount of sensible talking could stop me crying , especially if somebody was nice to me :-)

I believe it’s all part of the recovery ,and it does pass , PROMISE xx



I the same as you was going to the Gp for well over a year feeling breathless, tried etc. I was diagnosed with V.D defishancy about a year or so before as well. They checked if my thyroid was playing playing up again to see if my lethyroxing needed adjusting. Results came back ok, so stayed on the same dose.

I moved to a new flat where they just resurfast the road. Then my troubles really started. The dust from that road was unbelievable. Dust and exhaust fumes' were unbarible.

About six months before my event I was sent for a chest x-ray as the breathing was worse and I was suffering a lot of chest pain. There was no diagnoses' of angina. They said it was COPD and gave me a puffier to take daily.

This made no differance at all to my symptoms. I kept saying I didn't think they had found out what was wrong with me yet.

Then like you, felt so bad one day that I had to go to A&E.

Thank goodness I did as that is where and where I had my heart attack......

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Like most on here, I did and sometimes still do feel let down by the system.

My health issues are still on going and some days I do feel a little low. Not really due to the heart, more to do with the system and attitudes of some in the medical profession and employment.

I have been looked after some truly remarcable people in the NHS. They have been so kind and sportive. They deserve to be praised and rewarded financially for their supper work.

However, like in all walks of life, some are not so good. Those ones that aren't so good can have such an impact on a patient's life, it can screw them up for life....

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I find for the most part I give living life to the full my best shot.

I never ever worry that I am going to have another heart attack, life is way too short for all that.

The way I see it, is I had a heart attack. (And?)

That's it, I had a heart attack and I am still here, so what's the problem? That part of my life is in the past, I can't do anything about it

My life is the future, now that I can do something about.

With any other medical issues I make sure I write everything down and I insist on investigations. I wont leave it until I am satisfied the medical field have searched every avenue.

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You my darling, need to talk to your Gp.

You need to get some listening support. The counselling can be group sections or one to one.

I found six sections of the one to one suited me. And they said I can go back anytime.

We are all here for you in this wonderful forum, so you chat away....☺

Sending supportive hugs, Jo :))))))

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Just get on with life knowing u have a heart condition. I was born with a heart condition and still am stuggling to accept it in my early 30s but I kno ppl who do accept their heart condition. So I’m believing I will and I know u will.


I cope with the bad times by remembering friends. Two years ago I went into hospital for a valve replacement at much the same time as a friend went into the same hospital with pancreatic cancer. I had complications, he died.

This year I was in with endocarditis at the same time as a friend with breathing problems. Again I came home, he didn't. The Germans call it schadenfreude. It does help even if it feels in what my mother might have called "bad taste"!

Its good to be alive - literally. Enjoy it while you can.


My story is very similar to yours massive heart attack followed by triple as an emergency case and it took me 6months post op to begin to turn a corner. I still have days when it hits me in the face, but they become less as time passes. I am now back at the gym 3x a week, walking as much as possible, so there is a future just at the moment you won't see it. Have you been to Rehab? If not contact your the hospital where you had your op and ask for it. I saw my GP and agreed to take sertraline just to get me through and it seems to have helped. My GP arranged some counselling for me to talk this through. Some of the meds can affect you too, so talk it through with doctor.

What really helped me was this forum, chatting away to others who have heart problems. Some rant, some cry, some laugh at stuff, but we are all at different stages of recovery, for me I just take it slowly which suits me. I can't change what happened, but coming to terms with it is a time thing. Baby steps

Take Care x

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Hi,I have actually been to the first cardio rehab today,I have been put on the gymn programme.Really enjoyed it and also felt my spirits lift and some positivity for the future.

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That's really good news

Fran x


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