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Life changing


Hello as the title says my life changed massively on 21032018

When I had a massive heart attack and to my deep regret tried to kid myself into believing it wasn’t happening and after giving up on sleeping with a hot water bottle finally rang 999

The paramedics confirmed something had happened and I was rushed into Castle Hill Hospital for an emergency angioplasty and had 2 stents fitted

I cannot put into words how I feel about all of the wonderful people I met who looked after me during my stay, I really believe I am lucky but also so stupid that I didn’t react quickly enough.

So I left Hospital on Saturday and everything is different I cannot drive yet I have to take drugs to keep me alive but that it I am


Thanks Dave

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We are alike Dave I drove myself to hospital as I didn’t want to cause a fuss, I had 3 stents last October and I’m now feeling better than I have for years.

By the way I’m rubbish at taking selfies as well. 😉

Hello Mjd7568 nice to hear you’re doing well

As for the selfie I know Its a smile that came out as a smirk instead and I nearly dropping my phone 😂

Thanks Dave

Hi glad you had a good outcome. Did you have any early warning signs or did it happen out of the blue. Wishing you well and s speedy recovery. X

Hello Plum53

Yes a few days before just after breakfast l had really bad stomach ache which I thought strange because I do have IBS but haven’t had any problems for 10years, twice over the next few days it returned and after cuddling a hot water bottle it went off.

I now assume it was angina and I maybe should have tried to see my GP but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Thanks Dave

Thanks Dave best of luck going forward x


Hi Dave, so great to hear that you're doing ok! That must have been a scary experience but very glad to hear you called 999 when you did. Sounds like you're bouncing back to health already, take care :)

Hello Helen_BHF

Thanks for your kind words, wish I had rang earlier but each new day I start is fantastic just hearing birdsong out side makes me smile.

I have my first appointment with the cardiac rehabilitation service soon so I am looking forwards to that

Thanks Dave

Helen_BHFAdministrator in reply to Daveslookingforwards

Hope it all goes well Dave. If you have any questions or worries before your appointment don't hesitate to get in touch, that's what the community is for :) And it's lovely to see you have such a positive attitude, keep us posted on your recovery!

Hello Helen_BHF

I have good days and not so good but I have to keep going forwards, just getting used to the tablets and some off the side affects of these.

Thanks Dave

Good on you Dave..keep positive and enjoy every moment..x

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