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post heart attack insurance

hi i have recently had a heart attack at the age of 39 and to find out my life cover wasn't as i expected the financial advisor had not covered all eventualities as requested. can anyone advise if its possible to get life insurance with critical illness for the future ?

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Hi Rob, yes it is, however it won't be cheap. There are some specialist companies about, the mainstream won't touch it I'm afraid. Google is your friend here


Hi Rob

If you had a Financial Adviser, they should have completed a lot of paper work (fact find) to establish your financial needs. If you haven’t been covered correctly you may be able to claim.

Check your paperwork or make a complaint to the company stating that you believe you were “miss sold” / “not provided the right cover for your needs” they will be regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and will be required to fully investigate and provide a full explanation. If you remain dissatisfied they will tell you how to escalate your complaint to the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service)



great reply Dhomewood.

Sometimes, when we are not in the best of health we do have thoughts that it will be too much to deal with.

But this is an important issue and worth following up as you rightly suggest.


But there are loads of ads saying no medical tests etc. Are they being dishonest?


It will be difficult to find life insurance at a reasonable premium with our history

The Ads you refer to Inamoment are likely to be closer to savings plans (in terms of premium vs pay out) - these are usually for funeral expenses.


Hi - you may be able to speak to a broker, but in my experience it will cost and you will find exclusions on the policy. the financial advisor you arranged your life cover with should have done a full fact find to see what you wanted if they did not cover what you asked you can make a complaint to the insurance complains authority biba.org.uk/complaints/ or speak to a local solicitor solicitors.com/ compliance within the industry has come a long way over the past 20 years with advisors having to take and keep more detailed records, but its worth checking out your rights.


sorry new on the boards and just seen someone has given the same advice, good luck


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