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Hi. Husband has had AF for the last 13 years. Just recently they became more frequent. His cardiologist suggested an ablation. He had his ablation at Papworth 10 days ago. Since then he has had a couple of AFs and a few other palpitations. He is feeling very fatigued and stressed. He is 72. Are there any others out there experienced the same . The cardiologist said he would be up and about in a week ! He also isn't sleeping.

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Hi netie54,

I'm sorry you're husband is feeling so bad after his procedure- any hospital treatment/intervention can really knock the stuffing out of people. It might be an idea to touch base with his GP in the first instance to let him know how he's feeling . It sounds like the vicious circle of the sleeplessness and fatigue is adding to everything. Palpitations are common even after this procedure,while everything settles down,but if he feels unwell with them he should go to A&E to be checked out.

I am also wondering if he has a follow up appointment with his cardiologist? If you or your husband would like some further advice,please don't hesitate to ring the heart helpline on 0300-330-3311. There's an experienced cardiac nurse to speak to Monday- Friday 9-5.

I hope that's helped and that he feels better soon.

Take care,



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