Rollercoasters ???

I know that this is probably a stupid question but can anyone with a ICD or pacemaker go on rollercoasters or even too theme parks ??? I know there are always warnings for heart conditions but are all rides not allowed and they have huge generators so unsure of the answer...

And i have 3 young kids and a hubby that loves rollercoasters so i know i wont be able to go on big rides but i hope i dont have to miss out completely

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  • There was a thread about this a few months back, I'm sure. Will see if I can find it again and send you a link x


    Might be some useful info in there x

  • Thanks laura that is brilliant had a good read and didnt think about the magnets lol xx

  • Hi there - this is a tough one because we actually don't know! It's one of those 'weigh up the risks for yourself and make a decision' type of things, which I realise isn't very helpful...

    As is the case for anything like this, companies will always err on the side of caution but essentially it's up to you if you ride or not. Sometimes the harness might be an issue for you, but generally speaking the concern stems from magnets on the tracks and the thrill of the ride pushing your heart rate up.

    Magnets aren't present on every ride from what I've read, and you'd be a fair distance from them and not exposed to them for too long. ICD's are also much more advanced these days so it's fairly unlikely you'd get an inappropriate shock depending on your settings.

    I'm not sure that's helpful or if I've added anything...!


  • Thanks chris it is very helpful 😁

    I agree k think it is weigh up the risks and decide yourself and am sure i can have a ride on the tea cups lmao 😂

    I was warned about generators and big speakers and warned about concerts but at the time didnt think about rides and rollercoasters but u have that much going through your head you cant think what to ask lol

    So i think us all conversing we will find out what we have experienced and are gunna experience 😄😄😄

  • No such thing as a stupid question!! I have always been a lover of white knuckle rides but since my bypass I have decided not to risk it. Usually they have a board that excludes people with heart problems etc so I would rather not risk it. I would also say that if you ignored the warnings when abroad it may nullify the insurance.

  • Hi,

    I posted a similar topic which Laura referred you to. (I've copied a part below).

    We are just back from Orlando on Monday.

    Before going I made a point of speaking to the surgeon/ cardiologist who fitted my ICD to specifically ask him what he would recommend. His advice was that I would need to be in very close proximity to any magnets (by the chest area) for them to have any effect and that I shouldn't worry about it.

    I did most rides at Disney and universal studios, avoiding the biggies Hulk, Rip Roaring Rocket, Aerosmith and the major water park slides. I did the Everest, Big Thunder Mountain, space mountain, tower of terror rides, etc, all without any ill effects...

  • Awwww thanks hun that helps alot so i can at least go on water slides then cos am a huge water slide fan and i would be gutted if i couldnt go on them and am not a huge fan of going upside down but i can at least go on some rides it makes me alot happier thank you 😁😁

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