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Surgeon 6 week + check tomorrow

Can't believe its nearly 7 weeks since my mitral valve replacement..it has flown by

See my surgeon in a few hours and i am feeling confident

My new valve ticks away (annoyingly) but it works and i feel blessed that at 45 i was given a second chance to try and live my life feeling well.🀞 this is the case for my future

Its not a nice op,its very hard as by reading all you lovely people stories too but i do not regret a thing

My sternum is still painful as i think i am trying to do more than i should perhaps but my daughter is 15 and overun with revision..she has been my little ray of light though emotionally.

Anyone having this done,please don't be frightened too much..i could barely get my breath..now though still in pain and chest is tight a little but i can walk farther already 😊

Thank you everyone who has wished me well ❀ this site gave me people to talk to..it helped me enermously

Much love

Jenny x

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Hi Jenny, glad to hear its going so well for you. The sternum will take a bit more time unfortunately, seven weeks in you will still feel it as it settles down. Probably not down to overdoing it just your muscles settling back, the wires settling in. I used to find odd twinges, aches and the odd lump where I could feel the wires, a dab of ibuprofen gel would help these but not directly on the wound. Try also some gentle shoulder shrugs, your chest, shoulders and neck muscles will all have taken the strain, hopefully that will help.

Thanks for keeping us updated

Take care Mark


Thank you so much.

I certainly will try the gel as its been keeping me awake the sharp pain,i even had a tear in my eye.

Will update later on after i see my surgeon.looking forward to seeing the staff as

My daughter and i went and bought quite a bit of chocolate for all the lovely staff in icu,hdu and the ward as a thank you for taking care of me 😊


Hi Jenny

So pleased that you are doing so well other than the sternum pain, I do hope this reduces as time passes. Good to hear you so upbeat, it is reassuring for all of us facing surgery.

This forum is the silver lining.

All the best as you continue to recover.

Dory xβ€οΈπŸ’•β£οΈ


Hi Jenny, glad you're making such a great recovery and hope you're check up goes okay, I know mine gave me a boost of confidence knowing everything was going well, just hope it's the same this time.

Wendy xx

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Thank you wendy 😊 xx


Hi Jenny, so good to hear you are feeling so positive after just 7 weeks, hopefully the pain will ease over time and you and your daughter can enjoy the future together with all your new energy.

Hope all goes well today.

Best wishes



Thank you x


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