Angina and heart murmur

I have recently been diagnosed with a heart murmur and angina, the Cardiologist ordered a echocardiogram which I had 2 days so I await the outcome of that, in the meantime I have to take an aspirin every day, I also have a sublingual spray and I take blood pressure meds.

Is it possible to have angina pain that wakes me up at night ? it has happened once last night which I thought was indigestion.

thank you,

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  • Hello Bowler, yes in short angina can occur at anytime

    there a few threads on here

    Further information on angina is also available here

    There are a few members who have similar and hopefully someone will be along soon to share their experiences


  • Thank you Mark,

    I forgot to mention that I have just started statins, and looking through the info sheet, as you do , I noticed one of the side affects are chest pains.

  • Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, I know it can come as a shock to the system. I'm on the same medication as you so feel your pain :-(

    I was diagnosed a few weeks back with Angina. I haven't experienced any pain at night myself, only when I walk briskly or up a hill. Do you normally suffer from heartburn/indigestion?. It could be that. When I had my angiograph a few weeks back, there was a patient who was on lansoprazole for heartburn. I think the doctors thinking is, if you are taking Lansoprazole and you still get heartburn then its likely to be heart related. I myself have been prescribed Lansoprazole but I don't take it as I drink plenty of water during the day now which seems to have sorted it (dilutes the acid in the stomach). Prior to that, heartburn used to wake me up at night - Do you feel a burning sensation at the back of your throat? If so, its highly likely to just be heartburn.

    Take care.


  • Hello Nick

    Yes I do take Lanzoprazole , I have a hiatus hernia which sometimes gives me heart burn, which wasn't the case last night, I took some gaviscon which didn't shift the pain so I had to revert to my spray which did, I ended up falling asleep in the chair, I'm not too keen on the after effect of the spray which really makes me giddy and my b/pressure drops very low and I feel as though I will pass out, luckily I have only used it about 3 times, My Dr. said for me to take the Lanzoprazole because I am now taking aspirin every day, I do like you drink plenty of I also have stage 3 kidney disease, the list goes on.

    regards bowler

  • Hi Bowler,

    Yes, I don't like the spray either. It feels like my head will explode after taking it so I don't use it anymore.

    I really hope your health improves.

    Take care


  • Do you use something else for the pain ?

  • No. I have been diagnosed with stable Angina caused by having coronary heart disease. For me, i only get the pain when i exert myself. If i stop exerting the pain tails off quite rapidly. Have you had an angiagram?

  • No I haven't had an angiogram, just the echocardiogram. The consultant said that it's according to the result of my angiogram whether I have the stress test done, I assume he has had the results by now, so will wait and see the outcome of that.

  • It was different for me. I went for an ecg whilst walking on a treadmill and the results suggested i had furring of the arteries. I then went for an angiogram and that confirmed it.

    I hope your results are ok.



  • hi I had a similar experience it was caused by the beta blockers causing sleeping panic attacks I changed meds and the problem was solved . hope this helps

  • I don't take beta blockers , so will remember that if offered them. I hope I soon get the Echo results as I hate the waiting, yet it's only been 2 days since I had it done, [ seems like ages ] however I cant grumble at my treatment as I was referred by my GP. within 2 week,. so I am well pleased with that.

  • Hi, I used to get angina pain during the night, often after I had got up to go to the bathroom and then got back in bed.After I had 1 stent it did not happen again.

    I am having problems again now, just had an excersice ecg and waiting for the results. Only had it on Friday, but the waiting does seem longer than it is. I also take lots of medication like most of us on here. Hope you soon have the results and get sorted.

  • Thank you for your reply,

    I had a call from the hospital this morning to say there had been a cancelation on Mon. so could I go for my stress test, so that was very quick as I only had my Echo this past Mon. I have been very pleased that I have been seen so quick and having my tests done promptly , so hopefully it wont be too long before I get both results.

    Like you I take lots of Meds, including steroids,and as I am steroid dependent which doesn't help as I can bleed easily, not good if I have to have any surgery, so keeping my fingers crossed.

    I hope your problems are not to problematic.

  • You can look at alternative EECP. I found it very good in my case of heart failure.

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