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Recovering from an angina episodes

Can anyone help? Ive had lots of heart interventions and three heart attacks. I'm now managing pretty well on meds. But i get what I call wipeouts after a period of angina, which kind of hovers around, sometimes for a day or two, in spite of sprays. It seems to take a day or two to get back to usual activity. Is this a common experience?

Any tips?

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Hi Kristin - those wipeouts certainly sound quite challenging. GTN spray works really well for infrequent bouts of angina, but in the long term it's best to need the spray as little as possible. I'd make an appointment with your GP to chat about your medications and see if anything can be tweaked to help get your symptoms under better control.

It's quite common to feel tired or a little wiped out after an angina attack and using the spray, as your heart and brain can be stunned by the sudden drop in oxygen delivery. The spray also drops your blood pressure, so this can add to the effects too.

I hope this helps and that you have some luck with your GP/specialist.

Take care, Chris


Thanks Chris. I will speak to my GP, I don't think I'd seen it as needing a review before. It's certainly reassuring to hear that it's a common problem, but this seems to go on a rather long time afterwards. I will go! Many thanks.

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Hi I have the same experience and these episodes can be quiet challenging for others around you.

The GTN deals with the immediate issue but the lack of energy, tiredness and residual pain takes a couple of days to go.

Tips? Well I have spoken to both consultant and GP with little assistance offered, it is a matter of finding your own way.

Still a work in progress.

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Thanks Mark. Keep in touch if you get any good ideas. Your post did remind me that I get so bound up in my own stuff, at times like this, that I forget how hard it must be for others around me. Thank you.


You have one life and it is precious so it is right to get caught up in your own stuff. At the moment the thing that is working for me is developing a personal quiet space where I can unpack the issues calmly. My space is when I am painting or drawing.


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