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Mind Set!!

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Hi all, first post on here and a tadge apprehensive about doing so. I had a heart attack the day after fathers days this year, stent fitted and now meds, age of 45, squash 3 x a week , fairly fit and active so quite a shock and huge surprise. Transpires that genetics and my smoking which I packed up 7 years ago played a fairly major part.. I've attended cardio rehab phase 3 and now attending phase 4 and couldn't emphasise the need for everyone to do this, not only for the fitness but more so for the chat amongst other people who have gone similar trauma, the chat is so supportive and comforting. My query to throw out there.. we all know our physical limitations, what we should/ shouldn't/ can/ can't do but my huge struggle at the moment is physiological. I can deal with most things , park them etc but my heart attack.... presently, I can't park it, don't know where or how to park it or even when I can park it. Is this a common issue?? Any pointers, greatly appreciated .

6 Replies
skid112Heart Star

Hi Jocky, welcome to the forum. A more common issue than most would think, many on here worrry continually over many aspects of thier heart conditions. Many also suffer from psychological issues, depression, anger issues etc, takes a while to recognise and to get some sort of order to lives,


Hi Jocky,

Only natural you'll feel confussed for quite a while yet on your feelings.

I personally don't suffer the anxiety of having my heart issues. Mine is more how other people treat me now I have heart issues.

I am stil off of work as I have taken some time out. I have other physical health issues that have made it difficult to go back to what I was doing.

So my issue is only conected to the health issues because I want to get back into the work forse but want to find the correct kind of work for me to give myself interest in my work.

Due to my heart issues I feel I need a job that exsighs me. Life is too short to be bored now.

So the only way I worry about my heart playing up, is it stopping me from doing that dream job.

I think you just to get your head around what has happened. Then and only then, will you'll be able to take control and show your heart who's boss.

Best wishes to you 😊


Hi jocky welcome to the forum. I think most people who have suffered a HA or some type of heart issue goes through this initially. I also think when it happens at a young age ( I was 33) it is such a shock too. Makes us think about our own mortality and the worry of it all. For me this was a big issue to deal with. Also that feeling of being out of control. ( I am now 55 so there is life - a long one - after a HA)

For me I started to try to take back control by reading up on best eating habits to help the heart. Getting back to exercise I could do. ( sounds like you are doing this)

And for me I found it really helpful to fight it.... as in.. this will not beat me. I will get over this and move on with my life. ( that was my mantra for some time) also if you can talk to someone - maybe professional - to tell them how you are feeling. Unfortunately you will probably have to go privately to someone as it's very hard to get this type of help on BUS.

But do also remember that this is quite recent.... and it's always a scary time when something like this happens. But we CAN and DO recover.... and get to live NORMAL lives.

One other thing to hold onto is after something like this we appreciate life and family and friends more than we did before. So it can become a blessing... and allows us to live richer lives after the event.

All the best with your recovery and know you are not alone x


Hi Jocky1

I understand where your coming from, I had Aortic Value replacement 8wks ago and it's not the physical side it's the physiological, some days I'm ok and then I can get a short wave of what if !!!

I think it's because your heart is your engine and broken down and in my case had new part and an oil change. Like you say talking to other that have been in the same situation a

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Hi there - sorry to hear about your heart attack, especially at such a young age. Things like this can be incredibly difficult for people to deal with no matter their situation, so if you're finding it tough we'd always suggest asking your GP for a referral for counselling. This can help you to cope with the huge impact that heart attacks have on people.

We also have an article you might be interested in reading: bhf.org.uk/heart-matters-ma...

I hope this helps.

Take care,


Kristin1812Heart Star

Hi jockey. What a huge shock this must be for you. When I was really struggling with depression, my daughter wisely told me ‘remember you are not defined by your heart problems, you are still you!’

It takes a while, but I found it v useful after my heart problems, not trying to get back to the old ‘me’, but to find a new and different life, that suited my limitations. You are much younger than me, so it may be different for you.

Chris advises counselling. I found it invaluable.

Onwards and upwards!


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