Sepsis program on Panorama tonight, please watch it !

Hi gang, my healthy heart was half destroyed by severe sepsis then infective endocarditis which resulted in life saving surgery. AVR, rebuilding the wall of my heart and repairing the other heart valves. Please watch this program as it might warn you and those you love and prevent the same thing happening to anyone else. l thought l had a tummy bug and wouldn`t let my Husband call an ambulance until it was almost too late l was very close to death, but 92 days later they let me come home. Changing the subject slightly, l am still suffering from flashbacks, and feel very depressed since my hospital stay even though all the Doctors and Nurses and even catering staff were absolutely wonderful to me at Bristol Royal lnfirmary and my Hero Consultant Mr Bryan saved my life twice. Listening to all you lovely people helped me feel l was not alone in my feelings after heart surgery. l have taken advice from help lines and now wear a pretty elasticated bracelet which l twang against my wrist sharply to remind me not to dwell on the past but return to the " here and now" enjoy the day, and look forward to the life l may never have had in the future. lts called cognitive behaviour therapy and it works for me so it might help some of you. Onwards and upwards even if its a long s**t journey. Take care.

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  • Hi kefalonia, a horrifying experience for you am glad you have come through and glad the forum has been able to help as well. Thank you for sharing, very very helpful

  • Cheers Skid x

  • Must be terrifying, thanks for sharing. Best of luck with the onwards and upwards x

  • Thanks Laura, l will keep going!

  • First time I heard of sepsis and its effects on the heart was the death of a colleague who was healthy and strong.

    CBT is a way of managing the impact.

    Thank you for the prior notice and for sharing your experience, good to see you are moving forwards.

  • Cheers Mark.

  • I'll definitely be watching this on catch up - sepsis is a major issue for healthcare, and it's often not diagnosed early enough. The outcomes for people can be very poor, so it's important to recognise the signs.

    You can read more about it here: and also be aware it's also called septicaemia or toxaemia too.

    Take home message - look out for signs of new or worsening infections and get it reviewed by your doctor.

  • Thanks for your reply Chris, l think one of the biggest signs in adults is the confusion, talking rubbish and slurred speech like you have been drinking. Sepsis jumps in a wound or even a small cut or scratch as it is fluid based not air borne. Also people can be carriers and not get it themselves. l learned all this from the head of infectious diseases at the hospital. Also washing your hands after everything is vitally important although l did this but l had previously broken my shoulder in a fall on the wet kitchen floor. l attended the hospital for this and spent time in the hydro pool. Unfortunately l will never know where l caught it and l refuse to be its victim, l am a survivor but it nearly killed me and l don`t want one more person to go through it. Always say to any health professional "l need you to test my blood for sepsis". Hopefully the raised awareness in this program tonight will save many lives, young and old.! Take care.

  • I watched that program, sooo scary. And for you, you poor thing to have gone through it.

    Thank goodness you are here to tell the tale.

    You carry on getting strong now, sending you very best wishes for the very bright future you now have ahead of you.

    Huge hugs sent to you,

    Jo โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ

  • Thanks so much Jo, it did make me feel grateful that my lasting effects are not loss of limbs. l think the program did make people more aware that a very high temperature and racing heart on its own is enough to test for sepsis. l am trying to be positive after my AVR but l hate that l get one good day and then for no reason, the next day l feel very depressed about everything its so stupid, sorry to moan. Take care, Sue.

  • Well honey, know you are not aloan on the good & bad days front.

    And I know what you are saying. You feel guilty for some days feeling down as your life was saved after all.

    That's the problem right there, feeling bad for feeling down.

    If you just allow yourself to go with the flow for now & except you are aloud to have off days without even knowing the real reason why. In other words stop beaten yourself up over it.

    Then you just may find your good days start to overtake your bad days.

    Also, don't forget, a lot of our mood changes are down to our meds too.

    It's not just the trauma we've been through.

    You are a fighter girl, you pulled through. So remember that when you are down on yourself. You're a fighter things are now on the up ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Thanks so much for your kind reply, l am just going to stuff a chicken maybe that will be therapy, lol! Take care.

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