fitbit group up and running!

Hello, all. After much to-ing, fro-ing and general confusion (sorry!) we have a dedicated group set up on Fitbit. If you have a) a Fitbit, and b) any sort of heart condition at all, you can join up here -

I'm getting quite excited about the possibilities of this group thing. As well as ranking our individual steps etc, it gives us a GROUP step total for the month. Maybe once we have all our members and see what our monthly step total tends to be, we could challenge ourselves (as a group) to go a bit further. We could choose a virtual journey to try and complete within a month - Land's End to John O'Groats, walk to Moscow, pole to pole?! Pretty sure the possibilities are endless :P We could maybe use it as a fund-raising opportunity further down the line too?

In the meantime, we can let things settle down, see who wants to join up and take it from there. New members and ideas very welcome :)

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  • Well done Laura 😀

  • Thanks, Barrie, and for joining in :)

  • I can't join in yet, can't afford one. But when I have got things sorted financially, I will join straight away.

    however I look forward to seeing how you guys are getting on.

    Well done Laura for setting it up, should be fun ☺

  • Thanks, Sina. They are a bit pricey, aren't they? No hurry, you can join in any time :)

  • Hi I checked this out for a friend - its an older model but works

    Limited time offer

  • I have one and when I am 'in the zone' I will be joining - great idea!

  • Great stuff :)

  • Thanks for setting it all up Laura

  • Fantastic! Happy stepping guys :)

  • Thank you Laura,

    Have joined tge group but still only get to see you on my 'friends' board

    Do you have any idea how to get all of the group showing up under 'friends'

    I am already taking part in the 'Walk 1,000 Miles 2017 challenge' and am up to 1,242 miles since 1st Jan. However I rashly decided to increase my challenge to 2,000 miles in January and told everyone I know on FB. I now have a bit of a task ahead of me before NYE and really hope this group will spur me on 😃😃😃😃

  • If you click on any from the group you should see a + button to add as a friend

  • Thank you !!!

  • That sounds like a brilliant challenge, best of luck with the remaining...758 miles? Ouch! :) If you have any ideas for group challenges/ways to best use the group for motivation, let us all know. Thanks for joining in :)

  • Laura I dropped fitbit an email asking if they'd be willing to offer a discount to the forum members for their products, will let you know what they reply

  • Good idea! Thanks :)

  • No joy from fitbit alas

  • Not surprised but still disappointed. Sigh. A valiant attempt nonetheless!

  • I looked on wowcher to see if they had any deals on the basic model for a couple of friends and there is a discount offer at the moment - head to the site and type in Fitbit you'll see all the equiv monitors and trackers but there are a couple of older models like FitTrackPro 2.0 under £20

  • Great to hear of this skid, hopefully they'll give it some thought 😕

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