Waiting for a call!

I was sat all day yesterday waiting to find out what time my bed would be ready for my op today.

After staying at home last night, instead I'm waiting for a call to see if it's still going ahead today.

I totally understand if it doesn't and it because someone needs it more than me but can't help but feel in limbo right now. My heads prepared and my kids 7&9. I just want it done with now!


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  • The wait can be so frustrating and nerve wracking, Patra79 - fingers firmly crossed that you get an update soon so it can all go ahead!

  • Thanks but it is officially cancelled.

    I understand why. Just so disheartening when you have everything in place.

    Hey ho. I might get a new date tomorrow hopefully.

  • Aah sorry to hear that. Don't blame you for being a bit disheartened - you'll get there!

  • Must be horrible for you but, in a strange way, might it be a good sign? If they thought you were an urgent case you'd be whipped in to the operating theatre. Please don't think I'm trivialising your condition - not at all - just trying to put a positive spin on your situation. IIn my case, the head surgeon came round and told me all the other operations had been put forward 24 hours so they could slot me in the next day....that kinda tells one that there might be an element of urgency involved! Might you take heart (if you'll pardon the pun) from you not being in that position? All the best to you.

  • I know what you mean although not exactly!!

    I was ready on a Wednesday morning (2nd down) having already taken my pre meds (I was admitted on the Tuesday night. Eventually a nurse came and told me the 1st down had taken longer than expected and my op was cancelled. I was ready to camp down on my bed when they eventually told me I was scheduled for Friday morning 1st down and they would keep me in. It is awful when the op is cancelled, as you say mentally you are prepared for it. I have learned that cancellation is quite common.

    I hope by now it is all over and everything went okay.

  • Thanks. I have another date for mid September so fingers crossed x

  • Fingers crossed this one is yours

  • Everything is crossed so let us know how it goes.

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