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Life Insurance post OHS?

Hi all.....newbie here.

Back story....Fit and healthy, then contracted endocarditis which resulted in two new heart valves and repair to a third, all in a 4 month period in 2015. I have had better years! All good now and back to my previous amount of work in the gym, just a bit slower, although I am two years older (luckily!).

However, my life insurance policy is about to expire and a financial adviser has suggested I may find it difficult to get life insurance.

Have any of you have had any difficulties getting life / critical illness insurance?

My travel insurance is through my bank, I spoke with them and they had no issue, even for winter sports.

Thanks in advance



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Hi, there are a few companies out there willing to cover you. There are a number of links I believe in the BHF home page. Be prepared for an eye opening, some might even say an eye gouging, it won't be cheap.


Ok. Thanks. I will look at the BHF website.



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