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Unknown chest pains

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

I have been in the emergency room many times for chest pains almost at rest and I have done those tests that came with the following result

Echo shows :

trivial regurgitation heart valves

ECG shows:

Incomplete right bundle branch block and left anterior fascicular block .

CT Coronary Angiography (CTCA):


I would like to know that what is the best treatment for both echo and ECG findings

Also can we relay on CTCA for chest pain and to figure out the angina

any reply will be appreciated.


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The best treatment should really be discussed with your doctor.

I suspect the answer would be:

Echo: do nothing. Treating valve regurgitation (i.e.: to rid of it) are mostly highly invasive and life threatening last resort interventions. Doctors will not do anything about 'trivial regurgitation'. In most valves this is a somewhat normal finding.

ECG: for the right bundle branch block (RBB)- do nothing. The echo would have shown if the RBB was significant. In the absence of echo abnormalities RBB is a begin abnormality to the heart rhythm. I actually have had it for 20 years due to Fallot's Tetralogy. RBB can indicates other more serious rhythm abnormalities. A cardiologist will assess the QRS interval in the RBB for its indication of a bigger problem(if I remember rightly this is greater than 160ms which is really long. I had open heart before that. )

The other ECG abnormality I know nothing about. The above was based on my experience with a Right Bundle Branch Block and leaking valves.

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Thank you so much for replying really your comment is very useful for me


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