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Morning all, just realised I dont think I introduced myself. I have replied to a few posts as I am a firm believer in sharing between us will make us all realise we're not alone.

So I had a heart attack back in late October last year, followed a week later by a quad bypass. Very few symptoms before odd pain in my left arm but no I thought I was ok. Hey ho, now 8 months on I actually feel I am coming out the other side. The emotional roller coaster has been astounding. My long suffering wife is or was at the end of her tether, my children thought I had gone mad.

I'm trying to make that side better but still have the odd relapse. My heart issues centre round my scar and being so exhausted , scar I massage daily and use bio oil but no relief as yet. Tiredness well I'm sure most of you have been taking beta blockers, I've had my dosage cut a few days ago let's see where we go with that.

Thanks for reading

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  • Welcome - I am just over 4 weeks after my single bypass (trivial lol) so still a long way to go. I felt very well immediately afterwards and thought it was a piece if cake little did I know that the term 'roller coaster' doesn't really describe it.

    I find input from people at your stage of recovery invaluable as it is still fresh and 'happening' to you which is information I really need,

    Thanks you for joining and thank you for sharing.

  • Sharing helps me as much as I hope it helps others.

    A single is just as intrusive, I'd also say never be afraid to ask questions nor to call 111. Back in March I caught a cold, hit by a coughing fit and tore a rib muscle, now that was pain, couldn't breathe. Stubborn man I am I went to bed thinking I'd be fine. The paramedics, my family and A&E taught me otherwise.

    Tell people if you feel unwell, if you need to rest. They don't know what's going on, don't be afraid to just say "that's enough for today" it's a long road to recovery but more and more survivors

  • Hiiii I'm on beta blockers n have to have my power nap every afternoon after heartbeat lol

  • I am on beta blockers and have been since last year 4.1 x 2.5 mg Bisoprotol. I haven't felt like napping although TBH I have never been one for kipping in the day I always wake up feeling like a wet rag and it takes me hours to recover.

  • Was on 5mg till just recently, those on top of a working day spelt exhaustion. Hoping the half dose does the trick

  • I don't know where the 4 came from as I am only on 1 x 2.5 mg Bisoprotol each day!!!! I had to laugh over the Heartbeat comment as I have become addicted to Judge Judy!!!!

  • Haha, I used to fill my day with box sets. I confess to watching Jeremy kyle for three minutes....never again

  • I am saying nothing!!!!!

  • Judge July, Jeremy kyle lol OK so I watched judge render, and addicted to the chase

  • Pointless and the Chase are okay!! I do need to start going out more! LOL

  • Lol I'm sure you do need to

  • Can't beat a power nap!

  • I'm on carvedilol at 6.25mg twice a day since September 2017 and find no ill effects concerning tierdness...I've been lucky i think...came across your post thought I'd share, you can always ask your doctor if you've never heard about this type of Beta wishes...

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