9weeks post op

Ive been slowly building my activity levels over the past few weeks, also been able to stop wearing my posthorax vest.

So today I walked with my dog 🐶around the country park in the beautiful sunshine and managed 2 miles with no real problems, in fact picked my walking pace up on the way back. So my AV replacement must be working and the walk has lifted my spirits as I have found the depression the worst part of all. Now I’m hoping to get my date to start rehab in the next week, and planning to return to work on the 7th November. My scar is almost invisible at the top and just a little tender at the bottom but have no numbness, bio oil has really helped, and also the large drainage hole has finally healed, taken 9wks. So hopefully I’ve reached my turning point, I’m sure I will have the odd bad day, but they won’t be that dark any more just a bit grey.

So for everyone facing any kind of heart surgery, it isn’t easy that’s the truth but hopefully like me on week 9 you too will turn that corner and that new person everyone was telling you about will be you ❣️💕❤️

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  • hey Kazsumm, great news and well done you

  • Hi Kaz, good to hear your recovery is going so well. Try not to overdo it when you do go back to work. Are they letting you ease back into it. I was allowed to do part time, increasing my hours each week for four weeks. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Fredders fortunately I only work part time 25 hrs a week and as I live down on the south coast and my job is partly tourist based it will be dead quite, so I will be ok, but the really early starts are going to be a shock 😂

    Thanks for your support and I hope you are doing well.

  • That's fantastic news, well done!

  • Thank you it’s only been this last week that I’ve felt something normal, I’m sure I will still get bad days, but at least I know I will feel normal again one day. Hope everything good for you.

  • Well done! That sounds very encouraging for someone who's at week 4 and feeling shattered. X

  • I was the same and also very snappy with everyone and like I’ve said before the depression was the worst thing. Bodies got use to the medication and my thyroid has levelled out. So don’t beat yourself up, give in to the tiredness , I’m sure you will turn the corner just like I have. Had a couple of Gin& Tonic other night 1st in 4 months after reading about alcohol and beta blockers not mixing,glad to say I had no side effects so I don’t need to be tea total lol so chin up you will get there soon

  • Thanks KazSumm, i can't say I've got depression (yet...) but I do get disappointed/upset asking my husband for help. He is doing his best but I've often said it would have been a lot more convenient if the operation hadn't happened to me!!

  • It is hard asking for help, but it’s only for a short time not forever. I too used to get frustrated, the house not being as clean, the washing being hung out all wrong, and some of the meals he dished up well he’s no Jamie Oliver Lol 😂 he tried his very best and got good at somethings. But that’s what marriage is about in sickness and in health being there for one another. So just relax let go and see the funny side , it was humour that got me through this. The housewife thing will always be there , what’s most important is that your here getting stronger every day, even on the bad days. We used to make a flask of coffee and go out in the car find a nice spot sometimes talk others times just stayed in silence, drank our coffee and drove home, it’s the little things that can make all the difference . So let go don’t get stressed that will hinder your recovery.Talk to each other explain how you feel and let him know he’s doing a good job 👍

    It won’t be long before you also turn the corner hang on in there .


  • Hi Kaz... glad to hear you are feeling like you have "turned that corner" it's hard when the recovery is a long road and well done you. X

  • Thank you it’s not all over yet, but each day gets easier. ❤️❣️💕

  • That’s a lovely posting. Telling it how it is. Keep positive.

  • Thanks Kristin there’s no point sugar coating the recovery, because it can be hard for everyone especially close family and friends. ❤️💕❣️

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