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Beyond Psoriasis
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Treatments for chronic psoriasis

Having suffered psoriasis for over 50 years the biological treatment ave given me my life back body clear only use moisture creams now but you have to go down all the other methods first . The hospital say they treat most of there long term cases now this way and suggest rate good .

You should ask your doctors about this .

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Hi I have erythdermic,guttate and a little pustulare,plaque on scalp. I can't take biologics because I've had cancer twice in last 8 year's. The methotrexate is chemo I went through enough chemo with cancer. Can't do steroids they break Mr out and no sun for same reason dermatologist has me on soritane I'm in flare so instead of taking 25mg once a day o take 50mg until I go back to. See her if there has been. Some clearing she will put me back on 25mg until clears. I can go about 6 months clear than stress, or infections,or something else triggers it. I didn't get until my early 50s. I'm so glad you are clear and stay that way. Love susiejo1948


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