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Never ending flare



I've been on leflunomide and due to it not working very well they added in methotrexate. It worked amazingly and my esr went from 70 down to 25! I felt on top of the world for a few months, I was in remission! Suddenly my esr jumped back up to 60 and I started feeling awful again pain stiffness inflammation. My nurse said I was in a flare and it will go but it hasn't. I've been really stressed around the start of the flare with relationship issues and I've changed my job. My stress isn't going to ease anytime soon. And I just don't know if this flare will ever end. I don't know what to do. Thanks for reading. X

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Hi, Dreamer, I know how you feel, I have been in a flare since 9th March 2018, All I was offered was 20 years old medication, I refused of course surely there are newer medications on the Market, But, If you are stressed you will get a flare, try to find the trigger, and hopefully avoid a flare, use your creams and medication, it will help, I hope it settles soon for you.

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