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Recently diagnosed with Psoratic Arthritis, psoriasis out of control and now on cyclosporine 😣

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I’ve just joined here as I’m fed up with consulting Dr Google and would much prefer to hear real peoples experiences! Ive had psoriasis since I was 19 (now 39) and three weeks ago noticed my knee swelling with a terrible ache running up and down my leg; having previously decided NOT to take cyclosporine although my psoriasis is bad; I have now been put on them until I get to see a Rheumatologist.

Could I ask people how long they tend to have the swelling for? Did cyclosporine help? And an honest account of what my life may now be like having been diagnosed?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that, I too have the same along with Osteoarthritis, and Pustular Psoriasis on my hands and feet, My knee is swollen every day all day, it never abates, I have also had Cyclosporin, But it did not work for me, I take Tramadol, but to be honest that does nothing either, Now My left hip is acting up, time for drastic measures, Have you not got a Rheumatology Doctor already? They will supply you with an emergency number you can ring for those really bad days. I hope you can get some rest from this?

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Thank you so much for your reply; I’m due to see a Rheumatologist in 3 weeks; I guess in the meantime I will have to continue taking the cyclosporine but because I’ve been over compensating and using the other knee, that now hurts too 😩 utterly fed up. It’s interesting what you said about the emergency number, I will ask them about this too/

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Yes I know what you mean, My hip has now suffered and I was trying to get back home I had to inch my way carefully, and made it in the end, what a shock that was.

Hi, No It did not help me, But it affects different people in different ways, what works for one will not for another, I cannot take anything new for mine, just the same old same old, and nothing works.

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I was just diagnoised with Psoriatic Arthritis 2 months ago after 18 months of pure crazy pains in my ankles,feet,knees and off and on hips. Have you considered a biologic drug for Psoriatic Arthritis? I'm currently on Stelara but because I was taken off it after my thyroidectomy and then started back 9 months later it stopped working as well and this allowed the PSA to cripple me I can hardly walk and when I do it's with a cane I'm only 48...sad.

I hope you get well soon

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