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Just out of interest do any of you have. Another autoimmune disease as well as the psoriasis? I was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 15, UC at 30 now Crohn's at 53!! I'm lucky my psoriasis has never been as bad as some people's. I was a phlebotomist in my local hospital and would often take blood from patients from rheumatology with very severe psoriasis. I could have wept for them but everyone was always so brave.

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  • Hi Angep

    I have psoriasis which I've had for over 25 years but I've also been diagnosed with PBC an autoimmune disease of the liver. I think it is quite common to have more then one. My psoriasis isn't a problem as I'm on Stelara which has been fantastic.

    All the best

    Mike 😊

  • Hi well I'm glad your psoriasis is sorted out!! What a dreadful disease this autoimmune disease is!! I'd gathered people have at least 2 through reading about them. Things start to fall into place a bit at a time. Sorry to hear about your liver !!! Let's hope that somewhere in the near future they find a cure for it all. When I went into hospital last year the staff on the ward told me that more and more people were being admitted with IBD!!! Very scary indeed. I hope your feeling as well as you can be, take care 😀

  • Just going to have my second injection of Stelara, how long before you started feeling the benefits?

  • Hi chels1

    I noticed a difference after the second one and a big improvement after the third


  • Thanks Mike due to inject on Sunday so you've given me bit of hope .

  • Right now I have rheumatoid arthritis that might be changed to psoriatic arthritis ( because of toe nail changes and family history). Almost 30 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I was one of the lucky ones because it went into complete remission by itself as there were no drugs available then.

    So in answer to your question "yes" it is possible to have more than one auto immune disease.

  • I had guessed as much having read various things about it. Thank goodness you went into remission. They do say the drugs available are a lot better nowadays for the autoimmune diseases. I hope they're right as I've got to start some next Tuesday so fingers crossed!! I know the arthritis is very painful. My mum had it and I've looked after people with it. Take care of yourself and bye for now 😀

  • No, so far! Sorry to hear about your array of conditions.

  • Well that's good as one is enough to put up with!!! Thanks for your kind words but I know there are people worse off than me 🙏🏻

  • Going out my mind with mine .. Bath oil .. Creams .. Itching .. Aagghhh .. It is common with depression too .. Pfft .. No need for this

  • I know!! The itching drives you crazy!! More you think about it the more it itches😮I think it feels worse in the winter when we have no warm working on taking a good probiotic !! That's not as straight forward as it seems!!! Many different strains to help with different problems.prebiotics and probiotics!!! All very interesting I must say 😀Is the old vape still working ok?

  • Oh I see .. Am not familiar with the biotics but I shall educate myself on them. Thank you for bringing them to my attention .. The vape is ok .. I do believe it to be of benefit

  • I have scalp psoriasis and since hitting the menopause, I have difficulty sleeping and have the onset of osteoporosis in my right wrist.

  • Oh joy!! The menopause often throws a few spanners in the works!! I feel for you because I'm in the perri menopause!! You must ask for help though if your suffering with your health problems. Don't leave it till it gets really bad!! But I'm sure you know that anyway 😀👍

  • I've started doing yoga a few times every week and Zumba twice per week which can really help. Apparently my father had scalp psoriasis and being 1 out of 7 children, I was the only child to inherit this skin disorder :( I've had it for 4 years now and tried absolutely everything. What I can say is that excessive sugar in the diet along with alcohol, definitely exacerbates the condition. The onset of my psoriasis was definitely stress related along with a poor diet, over indulgence of alcohol and lack of exercise. My doctor cannot help me anymore as all the shampoos and lotions never cleared the psoriasis so I've learned to live with it. I do try to remain positive and hope that one day I will outgrow it :)

  • I had autoimmune encephalitis last April and I've now been diagnosed with colitis although not sure if that's an autoimmune thing

  • Hi yes it is an autoimmune disease!! I hope you have a good gastro/medical team looking after you.

  • Thank you for the reply. Like I said to the doctor it looks like my immune system hates me 😞

  • Hi, just incase you feel you need some extra support I don't know if you have Instagram but you can follow Crohn's and colitis on there. People from all over the world and the site is very active. You can ask questions and people do reply to you. It takes about 24 hours to have your question displayed. There is also a lovely lady on the thyroid site on health unlocked called Marz, she is very knowledgable about autoimmune diseases. You could follow her as she often puts up posts with links to research on diseases/ vitamin deficient said. Very interesting. Read her profile, I'm just trying to think of ways to give you some support. We all need a lot of that at times 🙏🏻

  • Thank you very much. I'm going to install instagram now and check it out. Xx

  • Hi...I have had arthritis since the age of 18 ... i am now 46 .. initially diagnosed with Rheumatoid and then years later changed again to psoriatic arthritis...I suffer severely from both... Of course the arthritis is more debilitating but I am currently on Humira which is working wonderfully for me for both the arthritis and the psoriasis.

  • Hi, I'm so pleased Humira is working so well for you😀Just out of interest do you suffer any side effects from this? You have coped with this for a long time too!!

  • I don't have any real side effects at this point but I have only been using for a short time. To be honest I'm not even worried about it right now my quality of life had improved drastically! Some selling writing and soreness at injection site but a small price to pay in order to function and not have swollen wrists and hands:)

  • does your lower back hurt at all? crohns/UC/psoriasis can all lead to spondylitis, so just be aware of that. best of luck to you!

  • I've had a crohnic back problem for years!! Was taking naproxen and amitriptyline for it when really going on Humira and Azathropine!! I was basically told try the drugs or have your colon removed!! Also the drugs may not work anyway so il have to have it removed!! That's how it was put to me on tuesday anyway!! Thankyou for replying anyway 👍😀

  • i would bet money that you have seronegative spondylitis due to your other diagnoses and your chronic back pain. basically, research chrons/UC/psoriasis and back pain....all can cause spondylitis which can be incredibly debilitating. I have it and the pain is tremendous. yes, get on humira asap, but keep in mind before removing your colon that there are many drugs for these diseases and after three to four months on humira try another biologic drug if it isn't helping you. humira didn't help me. enbrel helped me more. however, everyone is different. my doctor now wants me on stellara or remicade because he wants to treat my spondylitis aggressively due to my inflammation blood levels and my latest xrays showing even more changes to my spine. it's important that you find a rheumatologist who you trust and will treat you aggressively. it soujnds like you have a good one :) i wish you the best and always get a second and third opinion if your current doctor doesn't work out for you. I had to go through five rheumatologists before i found one who really took my pain and diagnoses seriously enough to treat me aggressively. best of luck

  • I actually don't have a rheumatologist. I have a Dr I see at Gastrology. I've seen him once and he's off at the minute so Ive seen a lady Dr this time. She asked me about my joints etc!!my bones have started cracking terrible and my right knee and hip have started playing up now. 😬Flippin heck!! What a carry on!!! You're having a tough old time too aren't you😟Oh for a cure😀🙏🏻 And not just drugs to treat our symptoms!! It wouldn't be so bad would it if you knew in the end you would be cured!! But it's just how it is for now. I hope you can get sorted with medication to help you soon. Lots of love and luck to you x

  • I'm 65 and have had psoriasis for 50 years. I've just recently been diagnosed with PBC and am in the process of more testing.

    My brother and my younger adult son also have psoriasis and my sister has MS. We definitely hit the gene pool for autoimmune problems!

  • How awful for you!! What a terrible disease autoimmune is!! My auntie has Crohn's she's 80 and had it since she was cousin has Crohn's. I have a niece with symptoms, and another niece with Crohn's. My youngest son now has symptoms and has just developed psoriasis!!! My eldest brother has diverticulitis and psoriasis but his balance is now affected!!! Its scary that so many people are affected .

  • It's very common to more than one auto immune condition. I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis aged 22 then at 31 got a bad case of strep throat and developed guttate psoriasis and thyroiditis (over active thyroid) I also now have a gluten intolerance. I have joint issues so have been tested for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis which thankfully have been negative so far.

  • I'm gluten intolerant too!! One thing after another!! Weight is dropping off me😬Hope I don't lose much more. I've lost nearly 3 stone since last May. I know autoimmune disease didn't come alone!! People usually have at least 2!! How are you doing with your diet?

  • My diet is awful, filled with sugar and caffeine (I do have a large family to look after and work full time). Its one area I need to work on that I don't make time for.

  • Angep - Your history almost mirrors mine. Diagnosed with psoriasis at 10 years old, UC at 40 (but after a 12 year history of colonoscopy's and found nothing) changed to Crohn's at age 48, back to UC at 51 - but surgeon says Crohn's, gastro says UC - at same hospital! Now I have an underactive thyroid...................and I am 61 now

  • Oh my goodness fancy that!! Funnily enough I was thinking of asking to have my thyroid tested because of the tiredness!! I know you get tired with Crohn's but it's so bad sometimes I feel like I'm walking in quicksand!! I feel so poorly when I've been at work with the tiredness I can hardly function!! Interesting too them saying Uc and Crohn's!! I didn't realise you could have both together. When I had the camera through my stoma the nurse I saw after said I had crohns/colitis. They said it was very aggressive. I hope the Humira helps when I start it. I'm at the hospital on the 28th to re asses my abcess. Do you mind me asking what treatments you've had and how are you at the moment?

  • I have vitiligo as well...😐luckily not on my face yet...but the rest of me is patchy...that goes with psoriasis and psoratic gp told me you often get more than one...xxxx

  • No autoimmune disease comes alone!! I have psoriasis which is now pretty much gone since starting Humira. I've also got vertigo since starting Humira but I'm not sure if that's a coincidence. I have medication for that now. I understand what you mean about your face at least you can cover it up to a certain extent elsewhere. I understand there is some brilliant makeup to use on your face if it came to you needing it but I really hope things improve for you soon.

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