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Referred again

Hi all.

After another flare up of symptom, oddly more severe in different joints this time. I have been referred again. Again taking weeks and weeks to get in. Blood tests normal although was only sent for them 3 weeks after the initial flare up.

I'm gutted as my finger nails are lifting again and sore on a few. This was growing out until this happened again. I'm worried now that PSA is what it is. The joints it's affecting this time are severely affecting my work. As a nail tech it's the finger i grip and twist clients fingers with, ouch!

I also experience a feeling of coming down with something that starts midday to late evening with heat in hands and pain up my arms but feels more like muscle or nerve pain. They seem linked but not. This didn't happen all the time, I've noticed it more when I've been very busy or stressed. When I wake up the next day outs gone again.

Are these symptoms anything to do with PSa?

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It definitely sounds like PSA. I started with my nails and then the joints. I have one finger that is really disfigured and take methotrexate to keep it under control. Not sure about the muscle pain as I have had that as well and ask the doctor about it and was told it wasn’t related. I would find my hand would fell like it was locking up and the pain was brutal. Hang in there and hope this was helpful.


Thanks for replying centerfield.

I too have had a sausage finger, the knuckle on my middle finger is now permanently squishy. And the joint is tender. Strangely enough this time it hasn't been the worst. Also this time I have no morning stiffness. Just constant pain that starts the minute I use my fingers.

I am scared now to get a diagnosis as I really don't want to take medication. My family members suffer terribly with lupus, RA, sjorgens and they have no quality of life. I'm very active and have so much planned, my 40th is this year and I dream of living abroad.

I hope this won't ruin my ambitions.

I wish you well and thank you for the words of support 😊


Hi! I am not any sort of expert on PSA, but I encourage you not to delay too long in getting a diagnosis....and treatment if it’s warranted. I have been going back and forth with my Rheumatologist about whether I have PSA ( I don’t have it in my fingers) or whether I have the after effects of PMR which I had for several years and effects all your joints. Anyway, we are in a “wait and see” mode because I too am. It looking forward to going on meds. But she told me not to wait too long because PSA is degenerative and some of the expensive meds can stop the deterioration. I do have ridges in my nails and they’ve gotten more pronounced in the last few years but so far only something I would notice...well, and a nail tech.

Another thought I had, as a total aside, is that for those of us with autoimmune disease, part of managing our disease is managing our stress levels and the sorts of stresses that we put in/on our bodies. Thus, a place I dislike going to are beauty parlors due to all the hair spray and formaldehyde fumes, etc. So I wish there were places I could go and get a manicure and pedicure with no nail polish in the place at all...just “please let me relax while you make my feet and hands look and feel better” with oils and a light buff maybe. Not sure if there enough women like me to turn this into a business model, but thought I’d put the thought out there. A beauty salon for those with allergies or autoimmune issues...


Correction: that was supposed to be “NOT looking forward to being on meds.” And In thinking about the beauty salon, I guess you’d have to have a separate room for the polish remover for those coming in with old



Hi Rosedail

Thank you for your reply. It's horrible not knowing what the problem is and getting in limbo. I'm regards to your comments on nail salon and formaldehyde, although we use chemicals, there are no formaldehyde In nail products. It's actually a gas not a liquid this is misinformation spread by scare mongerers. I agree the stress of my career may be partly to blame for my flare ups and joint pain, i don't think and certainly hope it isn't the products I work with that are causing stress my health problems. as I love what I do. I've added some links below to sound information on nail products, have a read, it may put your mind to rest so you can go in for that relaxing manicure. 😊




So I've been for my rheumy app is again. Showed her the pictures of redness, swelling etc. Due to this she has referred me back to ultrasound but had basically said she can't see any problems with my joints and that it could just be stress, my job and the amount of procedures I've had on my hands over the years. I should be relieved but considering how I feel, it just means I still don't know what the problem is.


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