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Need to write letter to the rheumatology department


Wondering if anyone could assist me. My last appointment at the rheumatology department was Nov 2016. I was to be seen in March of this year but no appointment letter arrived. I phoned the appointment dept. in March to be told that there was a backlog and nothing they could do about it.

My issue is that I had Xrays taken at my last appointment and I have not received any information back. I have major pain in my neck and shoulders and there are most nights I wake up in pain. Other joints are affected but my neck and right shoulder are the worst. The pain was so bad between August last year and June this year that I had to take 9 weeks off work. Physiotherapy was organised at the last appointment and it took place in Feb/March but, as it only exacerbated the problem, the physio decided not to continue after 3 sessions. They were supposed to refer me back to rheumatology.

I have a small amount of psoriasis on my elbows, knees, ear canals and hairline. My hands and feet peel every three to four months. The consultant thought it may be PsA as no markers for RA, but that was last year. And I would like to know what the Xrays showed. I can feel swelling/nodules(?) at the end of my right clavicle, on my ribs to the right of my sternum, and on my neck. Housework, such as hoovering and mopping floor is difficult and fatiguing, and I have chronic the pain, though fortunately not as bad earlier in the year.

So, I would appreciate if anyone who has had a similar experience could advise me of how they proceeded and/or what information or content I should include in a letter to the dept.

Thanks for reading.


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Dear Mocidoci. Why don't you send a exact copy of the letter you posted on this site? I think you have explained the situation perfectly.l suggest you put a note on the top explaining that it is a copy that you sent to the site it may gee them up a bit.

Hope you get a quick response .

Regards Mike

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Thanks IAmAnElf. Had not thought of PALS. Should I have no joy with the sending the above post as a letter, I will then contact them.

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