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Well today I had an mri...on my was ok really didn't phase me at all...hoping this will prove that the inflammation from my psa...causes me to have tinnitus...funny that when I'm on prednisolone I don't have it...I can't take ibuprofen or aspirin as asthmatic...roll on the 13th July when I start on mtx..hoping that will make a difference...will let you know...xxxx

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Hi eileen02 I really hope mix works for u,I never had any but I saw on this forum many people had very good results with it(mtx).so hope it will be ur case too.wish u very best

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Eileen01 sorry


I too hope Mtx helps a lot. It always did make me feel a whole lot better. But it didn't reduce swelling so I now take Humira as well.

If PsA is actually giving you tinnitus, I wonder whether that will help you meet the criteria for biologics? The guidelines specify that you have to have 2 or more swollen / tender joints and to have 'failed' 2 DMARDs (e.g. Mtx, Sulfasalazine, Leflunomide etc.) But with a troubling condition like tinnitus perhaps patients can be fast-tracked .... not sure about that. I suppose I'm thinking that if steroids helped your tinnitus then it would be reasonable to think that the most effective long-term drugs should do so to.

Please do let us know results of the MRI and how you get on with Mtx. I don't have tinnitus but I do get ear infections which I personally think are linked to PsA.


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