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Psoriases took over my life

I have had psoriases for 5yrs now. Till this date neither me nor the doctor knows what triggers it but I was covered head to toe within three weeks. I have been using steroids cream, light treatment, cyclosporine & Methotrexate.

Now I am taking Methotrexate 25mg once a week and 5mg folic acid on a non Methotrexate day. My skin seems to be calm down a bit but not completely gone. Sometimes it aggravate so bad I have to take Methotrexate & cyclosporine together for weeks and go back to Methotrexate again. I check my blood at the hospital every 3 month to see my kidney & liver function. My Dermatology seems happy since there is no side effect so far. ( touch wood) .... But I'm really depressed. I wanted to have a child but because of the Methotrexate I can't get pregnant. I'm 37yrs old now. I don't know how long I can wait just hoping it to go away because non of the Meds seems to work on me. Thus affect my relationship too. Psoriases took over my life.... I apologise for my English, it's my second language 😄

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Sounds similar to the condition I had. The scaly spots seemed to multiply and spread and my skin went purple and blotch on my limbs and body. I saw a consultant who said I had psoriasis and prescribed Cetraben cream.

I also read up on the net and it said psoriasis was caused by an imbalance of my diet. I took a daily garlic tablet, put cinnamon powder on my cearel and wore short sleeved shirts and shorts to gain vitamin D. As a result the spots and itching have almost gone.

To get rid of the itching I found Eurex cream effective.

Both creams are not very expensive, or your GP may give you a prescription.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you so much. I will try it all. Thanks again 😄

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Hello there Betty-33

Welcome to Beyond Psoriasis and please don't worry, your English is excellent!



What does your doctor say about your desire to have a child? I have psoriatic arthritis (my skin disease is not too bad at all usually) and I know that women very often have an easier time with psoriatic arthritis while pregnant. However I think it often flares up badly afterwards.

If you are desperate to be a mum perhaps you need to work on a plan with your doctors. It would be hard, of course it would, but perhaps it would also be worth it. To be honest I don't think waiting & hoping for change is a strategy as such.

I very much wish you well, what a very difficult situation you are in. But you need really good professional advice in order to make a cool-headed decision about how much possible suffering you'd be prepared to put up with.


Also, is biologic therapy for your psoriasis a possibility? I'm thinking of anti-tnf drugs such as Humira. I realise that would not be something you could take while trying to conceive but it might help your psoriasis considerably if you decide not to start a family or to try later on if you do.


i had psoriasis for 3 years , nothing worked then i gave up gluten totally and cut down on sugar to minimal very small amounts and take one garlic pill and day and it all went in one month..


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