Is this inflammation?

Is this inflammation?

Hi,this is a photo of the swelling in my ha d,both hands and both feet are swollen.There's no heat but I'm on prednisolone for hypopituiterism so any symptoms will be dampened by them.My GP insists that I don't have an inflammatory disease despite this.I've had psoriasis for 37 years and lower back and hip pain for just over 20 years.AllI get is more pain medication! I'm really fed up of hurting all the time

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  • Have you seen a rheumatologist as they are the people who would give you a correct diagnosis? From your symptoms it sounds like you do have a form of inflammatory arthritis albeit RA or PsA.

  • Thanks for the reply.My GP has diagnosed osteoarthritis and won't consider that the polyarthralgia I was diagnosed with 20years ago could have gone on to become inflammatory,funny thing is the pain and swelling back then was in my finger tip joints,back and hips,sounds like PsA or AS.Now the pain and swelling is in MCP and PIP joints,neck and back and hips and feet.  I think I might need to change GP.        

    He prescribed weekly Butrans patches and then said not to use them !😤

  • GPs are not necessarily up to speed with PsA or even with signs of RA.  That can lead to a bit of a credibility gap as we usually defer to them. But in my own experience and from what I've heard of other peoples' experiences it can be necessary to get a bit (politely) assertive in asking for a referral to rheumatology.  I'd try that as the first step before actually changing GPs, though that might work.  

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