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living with psoriasis

hi my name is Liz and this is my first post on here as just joined :) i have had psoriasis for most of my life i have tried most things, at the moment I am on methatrexate 7x 2.5 once a week although i am just having a break as had flu and trying to build my immune system back up a little before starting again which i must do soon as had a massive flare up after eating some chocolate does anyone else,s psoriasis get worse after eating sugary things ?

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Hi Liz

i to have to take methatrexate once aweek the doctor should have given you a flu shot because it does kill you immune system you take care


HI , Sugar is a big no no for me, try completely cutting it out of you diet for a few weeks, no sugary drinks , cakes, biscuits sweets etc.

I'm certain you will see a difference.

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