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Cooking up a storm

I'm in the process of making bone broth. It's an age old remedy for, well, just about anything but particularly colds, 'flu and joint problems. Mine involves an organic chicken .... went against the grain to put such a bird in the stock pot, it would have made a lovely roast! But anyway, that is what's required and I've been meaning to try this for ages.

I'm hoping to make some really good chicken soup, but the fact that it has long been held to boost health makes the work involved more worth it somehow.

I don't believe that diet alone can treat PsA or P. But the way I look at it, it's important to stay as healthy as possible 'despite the PsA' and good nutrition probably helps to offset any downsides of the drugs.

It's okay for me to go on about such things, I do have time to cook. Not everyone has that luxury & I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching. I don't exactly have much spare money though and slaving away at the stove seems to keep costs down. When I win the lottery I'll buy a house right next door to a great restaurant. I can dream! Mustn't forget the indoor pool either ......

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Bet your soup was wonderful. My mum always cooked her chickens this way. After it was cooked in the pot she used to put it in a hot oven so the skin would crisp up nicely. Yum.


Put your recipe on :) my mum made soup and worked full time, but I can't seem to find the energy these days. I have negotiated better working hours so should soon be able to do a bit more, but I am still in bed at 13.34 today (ankles really throbbing) as I had a very stressful day yesterday waitinig 2.5 hours for AA to come out to my elderly car in tesco car park. The hand brake failed as a drew int o park. All the healthy food I was out to buy remain on the shelves, and I went home and phoned a takeaway curry (it was delicious!) Best laid plans :)


Hi Helenmj! I do like these more traditional cooking methods which are about getting the maximum goodness out of food. My Mum didn't cook much, she had to work full-time & it wasn't really her thing anyway so I've had to teach myself.

Oh Mirren! I sympathise. Why do cars break down at the worst possible times? Nowt wrong with the odd takeaway curry though. Glad you enjoyed it & I hope getting some rest helps a lot.


Soup sounds lovely. I use my slow cooker a lot. Shin beef pack of casserole veg from Asda new potatoes stock cubes and pearl barley. Switch it on in a morning and the tea is cooked in an evening. Does us two 2-3 days.

Hope you get your indoor pool one day. We have had a week in a log cabin with an outdoor hot tub. It was heavenly. This time of year it is reasonable too.


Might get a slow cooker, I'm looking for ways to cut down on the time I spend cooking but still eat just as well.

Oh my, outdoor hot tubs! I could do with some of that for sure. That sounds like a great winter holiday moomie.


If you put a chicken in the slow cooker it will do your broth perfect. The meat just drops off the bones. Only fault is you have to check carefully for small bones in your stew / broth.

Missing the hot tub that's for sure.

The best time was in a morning getting in and soothing the stiff sore joints. Sure the next cabin could hear my ahhhs! Lol.


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