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Glad to have found some support. I am 36 and have both psoriasis and PA. Used to use cortisone injections but have had to stop due to it effecting diabetes. I'm so upset with fighting for pain management and being made to feel as though I am a drug addict! Even if that were true, I would still be deserving of pain management! Currently I am plagued by worsening joint damage and extreme pain in my hands. The only relief is dilodid pain medication used at night to manage pain enough to sleep.

The best relief I have is swimming in fresh water then laying on hot rocks or sand. However, that is only possible in the summer months in my area. Should be a prescription for permanent vacation! Lol.

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Glad to meet you Scmoozie!

Your preferred method of pain relief sounds lovely! I'm not too keen on basking on sun-drenched beaches, not for long anyway, but walking along a beach barefoot with just a light breeze does it for me. Given that you enjoy the water I'd guess that you keep pretty active generally, but if not it might be worth doing regular exercise. I'll change that: it would most definitely be worth doing regular exercise. PsA needs movement, it responds well to exercise as do many conditions I believe. Are you able to swim in a pool at all in between trips to the beach?

I'm an exercise addict I suppose and I have very little pain despite a fair bit of joint damage. I think I'd be a fool to suggest that there's a direct connection though. And my rheumy tells me I'm just lucky to have a high pain threshold. He won't even let me boast that it's down to sheer courage! Just luck. But movement will at least help with pain, that's for sure.

In any case, I am sorry to hear that you're suffering as you are. It's so hard. What is the current state of play with pain management? Sometimes the things we need most have to be fought for. Some folk I've heard of have found pain clinics / pain management courses helpful.

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Dead Sea Salt from Jerusalem can be purchase in some Health Shops.

You put them in the bath and generally help clear the skin, I used to use a UV light to treat some parts of the Ps until they began to treat me at hospital.




You have my sympathy, I have suffered from PsA for over thirty years and mine has flared, then calmed many times over the years.

I used to be a strong swimmer although going to the Baths causes the problem of flaring up the skin. If you are lucky enough you can install a hydro bath or shower.

If you do that you get the VAT back and an Occupational Therapist will fit all the grips and grabs for you

I have been through a Pain Management Centre and associated courses that include Relaxation Course, the use of TENS you will, most probably be pasted down for Light Treatment, that can also include treatments of various strong ointments. Physio can also be arranged, that can also lead to introducing you to a diet regime if that is needed.



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