Wishing everyone connected to Beyond Paradise a healthy and pain free year!

Praying this site will continue to grow from baby steps to big strides, and many new friends are made and old ones renewed. I feel that I have already done that with reconnecting with Postie2 and a new friend in SueSz in the short time we have been speaking on this exciting new home for people with Ps and PsA.

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  • Hi georje I find this site helpful as well.

  • Happy New Year Georje and everyone here!

    I too hope this site goes from strength to strength and attracts many more new members. It's doing so well!

    I hope 2016 is a very good year for everyone.

  • Happy New Year, Georje! I like your name for this site...Beyond Paradise! If I think about all the things in my life I'm grateful for, every little blessing, and all of the people I love and those who love me, I feel as if I'm living in a kind of paradise.

    I wish a wonderful version of paradise to exist in the life of everyone on this site for all of 2016 and beyond!

  • Sorry can't take any credit for name of this site, I was invited to join by the powers to be as they knew from reference that I had Ps and PsA. The only point I made was that it should cover PsA as well rather than just limited to Ps, seeing as they go hand in hand in most cases.

  • Yes, that makes sense for the "Beyond Psoriasis" group.

    I haven't heard of the term "Beyond Paradise" anywhere but in your post here underneath the Mickey & Minnie picture. That's what I was writing about in my post above. Is there really another group with that name? I thought you made it up. I'm confused for sure.

  • Sorry it's me, iPad, dumbo, brain fog take your pick! Beyond paradise should be beyond psoriasis no wonder your confused!

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