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Hi folks

Just got this site. I'm a member on the R.A. Site, so this is a good add on as my Rhemy thinks I could be suffering from PsA.

I had psoriasis in my scalp fo about 15 yrs, I never thought anything off it ,but now realise that was just the beginning.

The R. A / PsA. effects all my joints, the usual tiredness etc

The psoriasis is on my legs, feet, back, shoulders and elbows. I find the itching more trouble then the actual rashes.

I'm on Humera inj and things are really improving, though it might be a bit early to see any improvement with the psoriasis.

Regards Mike

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Welcome Matalow! If you have time please have a look at this thread: your experience will be much appreciated!


Hi defo agree about joints & itching :o i have found the psoriasis on my feet intolerable IT dont mater where i am I have to scratch it

Now its my finger IF cat screeches my finger where psoriasis is HE sets it off .. Think its that keratin stuff in skin BUT my doc said try antihestime hay fever pills to counter act reaction.

Did work better than creams BUT then i got a kiten thats always attacking me if i try to scratch

I have to be crafty and hide the cat lol


Hello can you tell me what PsA is.


Yes Lije it's shorthand for Psoriatic arthritis ( I think that's the right spelling.

It's similar to R.A. But sometimes has the rash, ( not always) also there is tendon and ligament problems and back pain that isn't normally associated with R. A.

Hope this helps.

Regards Mike


Hi Mike!

I'm on Humira too and it has been brilliant for PsA. I hope it does help with your P as well as RA / PsA.

Does your rheumy think you may have PsA rather than RA? Or that you have both?


Hi Postle2

My Rheumy hasn't committed himself, but I think it's PsA due to the tendon and ligament pains( spasms). Also my bloods were negative for RA.

I've been much better after starting the Humira, I've been on it for 3mths.

Regards Mike.


Hi mike,

I was completely fine until January when I had pericarditis then just recovered from that and developed whole body joint pain and fatigue like you did.

I have been told I probably have PsA as I am seronegative, normal CRP and ESR (around 45% of people with PsA don't get raised inflammatory markers) and my mum had PsA. I have no psoriasis. Another reason they think I have PsA is because my DIP joints were very badly affected, and also my shoulders. I also got tendonitis in my arms and feet to shins, you could actually see the hard tendon out on the surface.

I was on mtx alone for first 6 weeks but wasn't improving then started deteriorating, couldn't lift my arms and terrible burning feet and ankles - I had a month of prednisolone and added Hydroxychloroquine ( a risk as it could trigger psoriasis) and I am a lot better but not 100%. My ankles and wrists and shoulders are worst now

Hope you continued he to stay well on humira..


Thanks Mirren,I've had a bit of a hiccup since me last injection ,but nowhere near as bad as it was.I hope your wrists etc are improving .

I wish we could all have a pain free holiday and stay awake long enough to party.

All the best Mike


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