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Day 2 of rating roght


I’ve recently gone through a life change and my whole world is flipped. So of course I began to look at my health and want to lose weight. I’m five foot and I weight 231 pounds so I am considered obese. I’ve been obese for nearly ten years and has slowly lost weight as I used to weight nearly three hundred pounds. Sometimes I think - God if I could lose my weight and keep it off life would be a little bit easier. But at the same time I’ve realized when I love myself and the way I look- I lose the weight. It’s actually a chore to do that but eating right is a way of loving myself. When I ate fast food or binged I was hurting myself. I’m tired of hurting myself. We shall see how this approach unfolds.

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Is there a way for you to enjoy what you are eating dreamer315, and still achieve your goal?

I go for things that don't adversely affect my hormones , and consequently am seldom hungry. Having control of my appetite makes life so much easier. I can even practice fasting up to tea-time without too much difficulty, once or twice per week.