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Beyond Body Size
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New...and don't know where to start

Hi everyone. I am new to the site and to this group. I have always struggled with food-as well as anxiety and depression. I grew up with an abusive mother and I really don't know what self confidence is or self esteem for that matter. I have been seeing my counselor for almost four years and we have come along ways. I have had three amazing boys and I am married to an amazing man. But my health and my body issues are what I would really, really love to work on this year. I am trying not to be obsessive about the number I am at currently (which is the highest non-pregnant weight I have ever been at) but I can't help it. I also just don't know how to start. I hate the way I look, I hate the way I feel about my body and I have never liked it anyway. I just hate being this way. I need to lose about 50 lbs to be in the ballpark of healthy-but again, I am not trying to obsess. However, it is where I get stuck. Literally just starting a process is hard for me. Any help, free advice or just someone who is starting out the same place I am would be great. Thank you so much for this area to be "in" for once. I am good about hiding how I am really feeling, but it is good to not have to wear the mask all the time....

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I too have been where you step

At least we’re not alone


Have you looked at the NHS Weightloss forum? Lots of people there supporting each other through the getting healthier and losing weight following the NHS 12 week program. Lots of good ideas and motivating posts to read too.

Well done on keeping all those boys and a husband happy - probably why you never have time for yourself! Try and rope in friends and family for a little help if possible to give you some free time for yourself - a visit to the hairdresser, a walk in a park, pop down the library, join a sewing group - just something to do, just for you.

Life can and will get easier - the boys will grow up, you will have more time to yourself, so make plans for the future and work on getting fitter and healthier, just one day at a time.


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