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Hi, I am new here

I am severely overweight and it is causing allot of health issues as well as in the past year I have really started to hate myself and the way I look, I feel like I have lost myself because my face no longer looks like me it just looks like a fat blob on a neck I want to get back to the point of loving myself and how I look. I have tried a few of the fad diets but mostly I just try to reduce the amount of food i eat at one time since i have become diabetic this past February I have been put on a low carb diet, it has helped me lose like 20 pounds but no more I have a hard time doing any exercise because I have a severely torn ligament in my knee and sciatica so movement involving walking is hard to do. I want to get to the point of eating only healthy foods and consistently stick to the low carb diet.

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Our bodies adjust to low intakes to preserve themselves against perceived starvation. One or two weeks each month, increase your natural fat intake sufficient to maintain your weight to prevent this homoeostatic response.

Why natural fat? Because it is a substitute for the fat you would normally be burning during weight loss, plus it provides beneficial vitamins and minerals. Typically, a maintenance diet that promotes health and longevity has about 10% of kcal from protein, 30% low Gi carbohydrate (plants), 60% fat.

Follow this link and enjoy your food!


Well, hello mirror. How about going on 100% protein diet for every meal for ONLY 2 weeks ? Exercise can't make you loose weight but it can help shape what you got. So try a push-up. When you can do one go for two! How about for liquids for one month only drink water. After the protein diet try the Mediterranean Diet. Do you have a tread mill if not tac walks / speed walks and then jogs and keep building up distances. Maybe you'll decide to buy a used treadmill.


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