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I am new here

I am a 49 year old married female with three dogs and a cat. I have been overweight pretty much my entire life. Have done the yo-yo dieting. I do not really like myself because of my appearance. I want to lose weight, but I really like food. Not a big fan of exercising. My home life sucks. Husband is an alcoholic and pretty rotten to me. I spend a lot of time alone with the animals. Not sure why I am still here. Might be just convenience. He had moved out 2 years ago since my weight had become an issue to him. He moved back in about 9 months later and my weight has not changed. I do not want to do it for him, but I would like to like myself again.

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Start by eating food that you really enjoy, but is good for you


The strange thing is, if you lost the weight, you would find your husband might have some competition out there....that might encourage him to pull his act together!

The advantage of approaching 50 is that you could find your emotions and mood swings settle down more once you have passed the menopause. This can sometimes make losing weight easier, particularly if you a prone to comfort eating when you feel a bit low.

I used my 50th birthday as an incentive to lose 3 stones in weight (I am now 61 and losing it again...!) and having that date as a focus made it seem a lot easier.

Have a look at the forum for the NHS 12 Week plan - a friendly and very encouraging bunch on that site!


Hi laurie. even when im Younger than you i know the feeling. i been in an on and off relationship and i just don't know how to leave him because sometimes i feel like he will be the online who will like me. recently i started with a trainer and even when im not fan at all of exercising im just pushing my self. you can do the same don't over think just do it i go a lot to the park with my dogs and just walk while i watch them play. Good luck and your here because you matter don't let your self think otherwise. sometimes this things are just wake up calls that help us make our self better.


Thank you for your comment. It is greatly appreciated


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