Motivation lacking

Having been at my target weight since last December I have had a disastrous July and am now at the top of where I want to be. Am really struggling at the moment to get back down to where I want to be, need to lose about 6lb. Just don't seem to be able to motivate myself to stick to my diet. Every day starts off with good intentions and every day I am failing. Need a good kick up the rear to get rid of those extra pounds. x

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  • Hi Annde!

    I just joined this community and have exactly the same problem as you.

    I reached my goal weight in May and have been slipping ever since. I also quitted nicotine which didn't help, as my sugar cravings are through the roof.

    I also start my day saying I'm going for a run, or I won't eat out of my regime and keep on failing myself.

    But I'm still trying and won't give up. I lost 30 pounds from July 2015 to May 2016 and will not be getting them back.

    We can help each other, if you wish!

  • Thank you. That would be good. It is so much more difficult to maintain than to lose I find

  • I completely agree. When I was losing I was super motivated. Now I loose track more often.

    What did you do to lose the weight initially?

  • Combination of SW and calorie counting. Went for my weigh in last night and have put another 2lb on. Now out of my target by 1.5 lb. got to turn this around this week. Going back to basics, going to sit down and plan my week this morning Really fed up with myself 😨

  • Hi Annde!

    My scale was also bad to me this morning. Probably it has something to do with the icecream + chocolate + plus extra serving I had last night. But I was so damn hungry!

    Need to get rid of all temptation in the house and urgently get something to ocuppy my mind at night.

    Don't lose faith, we both can do this!

  • Just off to shops to stock up on some healthy choices. Been feeling really hungry just recently and although I've got plenty of fruit in its just not doing it for me.

    We will get there though x

  • Just joined this site for the exact same reason. I have struggled most of my life with weight and have done fair over the past three years maintaining; however, I have been in a recent weight gaining streak that I cannot seem to break free from. I have found that the more I kick myself for a failed day, the more I eat. Total nonsense and counterproductive I realize; but it is for whatever reason, what I am doing. Hopefully, I can find help in numbers here and between all of us, we can help one another!!