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My lil girl, gone. 😭


Today i went to get the mail, i saw my lil girl, Ruthie Jo lying across the street. She never went out that way as the backyard here is huge. She hated the rain. My lil girl of 4 years is gone and it hurts like hell. Not going to be on for a bit. Happy Easter everyone.

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I’m so sorry I can’t imagine how you’re feeling... my condolences 💔

Thank you so much. ❤

I'm terribly sorry...such a beautiful cat...

It is very very sad 💔

Kathush in reply to Nathalie99

Thank you, she was a true sweetheart. So hard to get used to her not being here. 💕


oh no sorry to hear you sad news of your little cat heaven has another furry friend.

Kathush in reply to kenster1

Thank you so much. I believe that. ❤🐯


Kathush in reply to Starrlight

❤Thank you.

Hi Kathush

I'm Really Sorry to hear your very sad news you must be devastated! My thoughts and prayers are with you! And what a wonderful picture you have posted!

Take Care


Thank you spykey, it really hurts, trying to keep busy but grieving in between duties. Thank you for your prayers. ❤

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