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Our members generally join Bereavement Care & Share soon after a personal loss. They need to find support and chat to others who have experienced the loss and pain of grief. Each member has a unique experience to share with us and after a time they feel able to move forward with their life. They do this knowing they can pop in here anytime they feel in need of comfort and that's absolutely fine and natural. Our Forum contributors will naturally fluctuate and that's understandable and it is this that makes our forum unique!


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That is so true. One of the best thing i have learnt is that it is possible to get a wonderful feel of comfort yourself be consoling others. Especially if talking face to face is difficult.

I have not talked to family about my losses and strangely i do not feel the motivation to. But trying to comfort and support others has certainly helped me on my way when i see my own grief mirrored in the grief of other.

The people here create such a sensitive and calming environment where we can safely share our feeling. I hope i can look forward to being with you all for a long time to come.

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You will always be welcome Greyone as will any member who joins us here on Bereavement Care & Share.

Thank you so much for your kind words, you make many uplifting posts that help others and I'm glad they help you too x

Chloe x

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