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No mouth ulceration but sore gums

Havn't had mouth ulcers since starting colchicine but I have really sore, inflamed gums.

They feel supersized but don't look as if I have gingivitis.

This is a new thing for me....I will follow the advice I found about using kiddies toothpaste etc and am using corsodyl mouthwash. Just wondered if this is typical.

Thanks in advance

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Hi goodlife. I suffer with ulcers and sore gums. Sometimes I have a sore mouth/gums but cant see any ulcers and for a while I was confused by this because I,d never heard anyone else having sore gums. I just put it down to something unique to me.

I use Difflam mouthwash because I think Corsodyl stained my teeth. I also get sore throats but Ive never been able to gargle for some reason so I sip simple linctus or suck soothers

Hope this helps. I know sometimes it helps knowing others have the same symptoms.


Hi good life, have you been to the dentist for a checkup? I am in the UK and all the dentists here that I have seen all knew about BD and have been very kind and generous in that if I have to cancel an apptment due to illness they have been sympathetic and allowed me to arrange another when I felt able. Also after 26 years of my journey with BD I found that any kind of strong toothpaste and especially any kind of mouthwash made me worse. Best advice....see a dentist and try a Clenil steroid inhaler. You don't swallow it just a few puffs in mouth gargle it around for a few seconds then blow out. Try this about 4/5times a day initially, zreducing as it gets better. Also drinking or gargling with coca cola really soothes the pain. Let me know how you get on as I like to pass the best tips and feedbacks to others who need help.




Tthanks jellybean and billi, I shall try your tips. Corsodyl doesn't seem to be having much effect so I will try Difflam and coke...maybe difflam flavoured coke...yum.

Oddly a letter turned up from my consultant to my GP recommending soluble prednisolone to garge if mouth flares up again...

I think half the problem is trying to live a normal life and return to work and keep getting new symptoms and need to keep finding time to fit in doctor and dentist appointments....

Hopefully with tips from you guys I will have a backpack of solutions and drugs to get me through every eventuality :-)

Love Jill xx


Hi Jill

I put a couple of drops of tea tree oil on the brush before the toothpaste. Also make a mouthwash from this with 4 drops of tea tree in warm water, gargle and rinse mouth.

Works for me :)



Steroid inhaler directly on the ulcers works best for me!


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