Update on eyes!

I went to the opticians who surpringly knew about Behcets and gave me a thorough check up. I need glasses for VDU work (surprise surprise)! My eyes seem to be ok but had to check my field vision a couple of times!

But the drama doesnt end there! Feeling quite energetic on Saturday went with the family to an organised firework display in our town. It was freezing cold as we stood quite far back from the bonfire so I wouldnt get jostled in the crowd. Looking up at the fireworks was enjoyable until OUCH! Something hurt my eye (the other one). Then my OH felt something touch his head (he is bald). A small spark from an overhead dying firework landed in my eye and on my OH's head. I am now suffering from a burnt eyelid (so bloody painful) after the relief of my other eye being fine.

So out of the hundreds of people there I got burnt!!!!! Just my luck. Next time I will stand in the crowd and keep warm and hide my eyes from the display of fireworks!!! It could only happen to me!!!!!


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  • Bless you hun. Going to the fireworks was supposed to be a fun night out and you go and get burnt!! Hope you heal quickly x x

  • Oh mate! I don't know whether to laugh or cry - out of all those people the spark chooses you!

    I'm glad your eyes are okay - in terms of BD anyway. That's my biggest fear, the loss of vision. I think most opticians are well up on the Behcets, mine knew all about it too. Yet the junior doctor in A&E when I went a couple of years back (as advised by my GP) knew sod-all!

    Keep smiling my lovely xxx

  • Oh no hope it gets better soon and I hope you are not like me with BD , I take ages to heal. It is amazing though how this illness presents itself in different people. This might sound weird but I recently bumped into an old school friend, she has lost her sight which I knew about years ago but lost touch as you do, but on talking to her recently in detail, she told me she has BD we were stunned to realise we both have the same thing as we were very good friends in school all those years ago and neighbours too. She dont get ulcers though and she is convinced after all these years that she dont have BD but her consultant says she has it. We do have similar symptoms though and it is great to pick up the phone and "moan" to someone who knows! Which is why this site is so important. The next weird thing is another girl in the same class in high school at the time also has BD.

  • How strange! I know of two other people in my area that have BD but they are both daughters of aquaintences rather than good friends. I have found this site so much help though with my problems and like you say everyone is different. I do take a long time to heal but thankfully my eye is not so painful now. The soothing eye drops have helped! I did look like I had received a punch in the eye though for a couple of days. It's a good job I love my OH or I could get him in all sorts of trouble lol. Take care.


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