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Cellcept and iron tablets yet again

I`m sorry to ask another question regarding Sinitta, but her memory is so bad she cant seem to remember to take her iron supplement 2 hours after her cellcept and she is taking them together, is it such a big problem if she does take them together, i know by taking them noth at the same time reduces the effect of the cellcept, she now has lumps coming out on her chest, could this be the reason that`s happening as the cellcept is not working at its full potential?

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Could she set an alarm on her phone for example, to remind her to to take the iron? Lumps on her chest she would need a medical opinion about, but may be active Behcets. So if the dose of Cellicept is impaired this may be why. Seek a medical opinion about the lumps though. Do you go with her to appointments?


Yes toothfairy i go to all the appontments in all the hospitals she is under. x


Its good that she has your support. Quite a lot can be forgotten to be said at consults, so two heads are better than one as they say! On the reverse, its better for two heads to take in information.

I think Andrea and myself were thinking along similar lines, if the lumps are different, or worrying then get them checked out. Sounds like they are most likely Behcets. Hope things settle down soon x


Hi Tamirra

It doesn't have to be exactly 2 hours outside of taking the could be 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours later or earlier. As long as it isn't at the same time as the Cellcept.

Maybe taking them at lunchtime will help her to remember or set her mobile to remind her each day.

The lumps need a Doctor to see them really.

Hope this helps...keep your chin up

Andrea :)


Oh really that sounds more promising then, i will tell her. Why would she need a doc to look at her lump on her chest if its the normal lumps she gets on her legs, is there a reason for it? x


Hi Tamirra

Sorry I thought you were also worried about the lumps as a new symptom, but if you think it's the same as the probably is the behects.

Main thing is that she takes her iron tablets AT LEAST 2hours either before or after the cellcept. She may find that the cellcept will work better for her this way.

I hope so



Oh right lol thought there was something else i needed to worry about for a moment there, bit of luck then init lol. x x


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